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Eric over at vCritical seems to be having a bit of fun with the VI Toolkit, and has published a couple of scripts you should check out.

If you’ve used SCVMM to manage VMware vCenter, you may have discovered that it’s a bit like that brother-in-law that drinks all your beer and tracks mud all over the house. It’s kind of rude and doesn’t like to clean up after itself. Eric’s script is a way of very kindly suggesting that it save up for a hotel room before its next visit. (Full disclosure: I’m on a new compensation plan where I get paid by the analogy). Eric’s script will remove unwanted permissions and portgroups, as well as moving VMs back to the portgroup of your choice.

Second is a script to locate VMs with thin-provisioned disks. Thin-provisioned disks are great because they can lead to a more efficient allocation of storage, but the downside is they can lead to an inaccurate picture of your true storage needs, since thin-provisioned disks can expand at any time without warning.

Thanks Eric!