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And the winner of the VI Toolkit Scripting Contest is…

going to be announced later today. But since I have your attention, I wanted to mention two blogs that any PowerShell enthusiast should be subscribed to:

First is PeetersOnline.nl by Hugo Peeters. Hugo’s been running a "Helpful Script of the day" feature for a while now, and there’s a lot of really useful stuff there, such as:

And Hugo also talks about our VMware Update Manager cmdlets along with an example that will help you figure out which updates your ESX host is lacking.

Next is Virtu-Al by Alan Renouf. Alan has a really amazing script that will generate a VI report in MS Word, which he entered into our contest. The results are really incredible. In addition to that, Alan has a lot of other PowerShell tips and tricks collected from all over, such as an automated way to change DNS and WINS all over the place.

Anyway, stay tuned for our contest winner announcement!

2 thoughts on “And the winner of the VI Toolkit Scripting Contest is…

  1. Hugo Peeters

    I am truly honored by this compliment. I do my best to keep posting one helpful script each working day. And although I love Powershell in general, nine out of ten will be using the great VI Toolkit.
    I do have a wonderful road-trip to the USA planned for the coming weeks, so the amount of new material will be low. I am still looking for somebody to do one or more guest posts during my absense. Interested? Please mail me ( blog at peetersonline.nl ).
    Thank you very much!

  2. Alan Renouf

    Thanks for the comments, Im glad you enjoyed the script, I think my script was aiming at a different type of person than the 2nd place script, mine is more of a download and run with no config. Cant wait for the T-Shirt and Mug 🙂


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