Don’t forget the PowerShell scripting contest! Win a trip to VMworld or $5000!

Entries are starting to roll in for our PowerShell scripting contest. You can see the entries in our community (you will need to register using the contest landing page above to see the community). We’re up to 8 submissions so far, so the field is starting to take shape. Don’t forget that the contest ends August 30th, just a bit over two weeks away. If you haven’t started you should download the toolkit and get started right away.

Just a reminder of the prizes:

  1. First Prize: Airfare, hotel and admission to VMworld 2008 Las Vegas (up to $5,000 in value) or $5,000 USD Cash Prize.
  2. Second Prize: Macbook Air with VMware Fusion or $2,500 USD.
  3. Third Prize is you’re fired. No actually, third prize is an Xbox 360 Elite or $500 USD.

Good luck to everyone!

Update: Looks like Eric Sloof and I had the same idea at the same time, but one more thing that I should mention is that we’ve also managed to get none other than PowerShell masters Lee Holmes and Bruce Payette from Microsoft to help with our judging. Thanks a million guys!


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