Manage VMware Update Manager with PowerShell.

Eric Sloof has been quite busy over the past week, first figuring out how to download the VI Toolkit 1.0 before its official release (which we on the VI Toolkit team take as a high compliment), and now announcing that yes, we have added PowerShell support to VMware Update Manager via the VMware Update Manager PowerShell library.

The VMware Update Manager PowerShell snapin adds 13 cmdlets that let you download updates, set baselines, remediate and more.

As Eric points out, the snapin is distributed within the VMware Update Manager package, but can be installed separately on any system with the VI Toolkit (for Windows) installed. (We’re looking to streamline this process in the future, by the way.)

Like I said before, there’s lots more exciting news coming this week, so stay tuned.


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