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Manage VMware with PowerGUI

If you haven’t seen it yet, PowerGUI is a great tool for running Windows PowerShell, and we find it to be one of the most popular PowerShell tools out there. Many of our users have anticipated a VMware PowerGUI plugin, and I’m happy to say that the wait is over.

The PowerGUI VMware PowerPack has lots of great features, including the ability to manage your ESX Hosts and VMs, as well as doing bulk operations. In my opinion, PowerGUI’s best feature is that as you interact with PowerGUI, it generates PowerShell code as you go. You can take this code and re-run it later or you can parameterize it and turn it into a script. This is especially great if you’re not a hard-core scripter, or if you aren’t very familiar with PowerShell.

Either way, whether you’re a novice or an expert, this is not a tool to be missed. Congratulations to Dmitry and team from Quest Software!

4 thoughts on “Manage VMware with PowerGUI

  1. Satish Krishnaraj

    Thanks for providing this for PowerGUI.
    However, I have 2 comments:
    1) The link provided by you
    gives the following error:
    ‘Unable to Initialize the Application
    Please check the application logs for more information.’
    2) Does this work if I have installed the OpenSource version of ESX (1.x version of VMWare Server 1.0.4
    Your help is appreciated in advance.

  2. Carter Shanklin

    Hi Satish,
    The PowerGUI site had some problems over the weekend, but everything seems to be back to normal now.
    The PowerGUI VMware PowerPack supports ESX 3.0.x, ESX 3.5, and VirtualCenter 2.5.

  3. Satish Krishnaraj

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I have downloaded and imported the ‘PowerGUI VMware PowerPack’.
    I understand it easy to use powergui (self explanatory to), but I was unable to configure (the server to connect to, username/password, etc.,) to work with ESX server without necessarily mucking with the powershellcode it generates.
    Is there any documentation to for me to use?
    Your help to resolve is appreciated in advance.

  4. Satish Krishnaraj

    Please ignore my earlier comment. The powerpack I imported is working as indicated.


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