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“Hello World” | out-host

PowerShell provides a great automation platform for Windows. At VMware, we’ve been exploring PowerShell interfaces for VMware Infrastructure and VMworld gave us a good opportunity to provide a sneak peek at some of the forms those interfaces could take. You can view the slides from that session here: Download VMworld2007_IO30.pdf

In case you don’t feel like browsing through the slides, here’s a quick sample:

Get-VM qa* | Get-NetworkAdapter | where { $_.NetworkName -eq "red" } | Set-NetworkAdapter -NetworkName "blue"

This little example shows off some of the leverage and simplicity a PowerShell interface could provide. Hopefully, it’s self-explanatory but I’ll translate it anyway: For all virtual machines with names that start with "qa," change any network adapters they may have that are attached to the "red" network to instead be attached to the "blue" network. This is pretty typical PowerShell syntax, composing a few simple commands with a little bit of PowerShell language scripting to accomplish a task. And it’s indicative of the kind of simplicity we’re trying to achieve.

On the PowerShell development team, we’re very excited about this work and we’re interested in feedback from any of you who may have comments and in particular from anyone who attended the VMworld session on this topic (IO30).

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12 thoughts on ““Hello World” | out-host

  1. Dylan

    After I got started with Powershell, other scripting languages started to seem less fun. It is so easy to do so many things with it.
    I have been pining for a powershell vi interface. I attended the session at vmworld, and it looks like it is on the right track. I hope it is released in some form soon.

  2. Rob Kauffman

    I missed this session, really wish I would of went. I have a questions though. Where is the cmdlet Get-VM from? Only place I’ve seen it is part of SCVMM but it’s only for SCVMM. Is there a location to download Get-VM, Get-VC, New-VM, Remove-VM, Set-VM, etc?

  3. halr9000

    @Rob: these are new cmdlets written by VMware which have not yet been released to the public. I think if we watch this blog we’ll know when these are available for download.

  4. Dmitry Sotnikov

    Congratulations on joining the PowerShell community! This is a great step for you guys!
    Thanks for mentioning PowerGUI in the slides. Why don’t we work together on creating a PowerPack for it? Ping me on my email address.

  5. Rajeev

    Its very easy to script in VI power shell. But i didnt find a way to create a VM in the SAN storage. Is it possible ? or am i missing something.

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  9. nike shox

    I have been pining for a powershell vi interface. I attended the session at vmworld, and it looks like it is on the right track. I hope it is released in some form soon.

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