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Major HCL changes for the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA)

The VMware Hardware Compatability List (HCL) has been dramatically relaxed for the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA). VMware now simply requires that the RAID controller used by the hosts participating in the VSA cluster be certified – there is no longer a requirement to seperately certify the server. So long as the Raid Controller is certified for VSA, and the server is on the standard VMware HCL, you are good to go.

This significantly increases the number of hosts on which the VSA can be deployed. To check compatability, go to the HCL, in the ‘What are you looking for:’ section select IO Devices, and in the Features section select VSA. Then Update Views and Results.

There are currently 11 different Raid Controllers on the HCL, from vendors like DELL, HP, Intel & LSI. As mentioned, this should now open up the VSA to customers who were previously unable to use it due to the requirement to have the server certified. Now you just need a certified Raid Controller.

Note that an entry for the VSA still appears as a Feature on the Systems/Server page – we are in the process of transitioning this.

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Cormac Hogan

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Cormac Hogan is a Senior Staff Engineer in the Office of the CTO in the Storage and Availability Business Unit (SABU) at VMware. He has been with VMware since April 2005 and has previously held roles in VMware’s Technical Marketing and Technical Support organizations. He has written a number of storage related white papers and have given numerous presentations on storage best practices and vSphere storage features. He is also the co-author of the “Essential Virtual SAN” book published by VMware Press.

4 thoughts on “Major HCL changes for the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA)

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  2. kamlesh

    Hi Cormac,
    i just wanted to know, RAID being used in VSA is a software RAID between VSA volumes or Hardware RAID at HOST physical disk.

  3. Mike Poulin

    Hello Cormac

    I have a question regarding my interpretation of your Blog entry around VSAN HCL certifications.

    In reading your entry of December 13, 2013, where you state that the VSAN HCL certification has been relaxed and no longer requires specific server certifications for VSAN I’m trying to confirm my understanding that a particular HP server and Raid controller combination is supported for use with VSAN.

    I’m trying to verify that an HP DL380p Gen8 Server with the H220 controller in Bypass mode is in fact a supported configuration for VSAN. My interpretation is that it is certified since the server and the controller are listed in the HCL under the I/O Devices section and then select VSAN as stated in your Blog entry.

    Please let me know if this is correct.

    Thank You



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