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vSphere Replication Videos

Some of you may not yet have seen vSphere Replication in action.  VR was introduced about a year ago as part of Site Recovery Manager, but was spun out as a standalone feature of vSphere 5.1 in September 2012.

We did a couple of short videos of VR in action without SRM, that are now available on Youtube.  The first clip shows how to protect a VM through the web client using vSphere Replication.

As you can see, setting up a VM to be protected is a pretty easy process.  As for recovering a VM, we’ve got that covered as well with the second video.

Let me know what you think of the videos, and if there are other things you’d like to see shown in video format – I’m always looking for feedback on what you’d like to see on the Uptime blog!


13 thoughts on “vSphere Replication Videos


    I have replication up and running as a test on 10 of my virtual machines. I’m replicating them off my SAN to local storage. This would be the only option I have as a true back up to my SAN failing since it doesn’t not include any built in redundancy. I imported he replication device onto local storage of one of my servers in case the failure on the SAN does happen. So my question is about the actual devise or even my vcenter server. If I lose one or the other yet still have access to the drives where the virtual machines are replicated to, how difficult is it to restore? Assume I even lost my veeam backup of that device and have to import a brand new one. Are they lost?

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  4. ILYA

    How to install this F*@#%NG vsphere replication appliance 5.1?
    Why config web-page doesn’t want to start VRM service and message this:
    Unable to obtain SSL certificate: Bad server response; is a vCenter server listening on the given host and port?

    1. lamy

      same issue, any help? I know I had issues during my install with sso so it was not completely smooth. at the recovery site everything was smooth and easy. So there definitely something a miss here.

      1. Ken

        Anything different about your environments from a basic install? Custom certs?
        Did you ensure the vCenter Managed IP is set? No errors during the install of the appliance itself?

    2. Duncan

      Same exact error message, I started getting it after upgrading my vCenter to 5.1U1. VR replication was configured and working fine previously. To me the cause is crystal clear, the VR appliance does not trust the vCenter’s SSL certificate (I believe).

      Has anyone had any luck fixing this???

      1. Felipe

        Pay attention to Todd’s Advice in the comment below, for some reason even when I setup the DNS servers correctly during the appliance deployment, they were gone by the time I get to this step, after I reset them on the network tab the “Save and restart…” button worked perfectly!

  5. Andy Eastham

    I had this problem when DNS wasn’t working. I stupidly configured the DNS server settings in the replication appliance with their host names rather than IP addresses.

    Ensure your DNS settings are correct in the appliance and that the appliance can get to the DNS servers

  6. Danny

    I was having the same issue. I had no dns servers defined on the replication appliance. After adding the DNS the appliance started working and showing on the Vsphere web client.


  7. Yuming Gao

    if you not set the dns,you can add the IP adds and the hostname of the vcenter to the vr appliances.Then save .It works correctly.


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