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Monthly Archives: September 2010

VMware Workstation 7.1.2 Now Available

VMware Workstation 7.1.2 is a maintenance release that is a free update for all VMware Workstation 7.x customers.  It  includes several new features, adds support for newly released operating systems, addresses customer reported problems and resolves security issues.

Highlights include:

  • Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 support for Integrated Virtual Debugger’s live debugging mode.
  • Addressed issues with running Windows 7 SP1 Beta, RHEL 6.0 Beta and Fedora 13 in a virtual machine.  Each of these Operating Systems versions are still in development or have known issues, therefore they are not fully supported by VMware.
  • Made several performance improvements to NAT networking.
  • VMware Workstation 7.1.2 has been tested with the new standalone VMware Converter 4.3.  VMware Converter 4.3 now handles Windows 7!  Download VMware Converter for free.
  • Easy Install now supports older versions of CentOS.
  • Added Windows 2008R2 and Apache Server 2.2.15 support for ACE Management Server.
  • Read the VMware Workstation 7.1.2 release notes for more details.

VMware Workstation 7 will prompt you to download the update the next time you run it.  You can manually check for the update from the “Help” -> “Check for Software Updates Now” menu item.  Alternatively, you can download it from here.

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If you have been waiting for the perfect time to purchase or upgrade to VMware Workstation 7, now is the time!  For 3 days (9/15/10-9/17/10), you can get 30% off VMware Workstation 7 and VMware Workstation 7 upgrades in the VMware online store.

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Not ready to buy.  Download the free VMware Workstation 7 30-day trial here.

P2V Windows 7 – Convert a Window 7 PC to a Virtual Machine

One feature that many Workstation 7 customers have asked for is the ability to convert a physical PC running Windows 7 into a virtual machine that can be run inside of Workstation.  Until now, the easiest way to do this, was to purchase a copy of Fusion and convert your Win 7 machine to run on a Mac, copy the VM over to your PC and open it in Workstation.  

Thankfully, VMware has made this significantly easier to do!   Last week, VMware released the 4.3 version of the standalone VMware vCenter Converter.   This application can convert a single machine (or an entire datacenter) into virtual machines and the 4.3 release handles Windows 7!  

The VMware vCenter Converter is free – you can download it from https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/?p=converter after going through a couple of registration steps.

The Workstation engineering team plans to make this even easier for our users but in the meantime we are glad you have a reasonable alternative!

The VMware vCenter Converter release notes (including what else has changed) and documentation can be found here: https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/converter_pubs.html

Happy converting!