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VXLAN Series – Multicast usage in VXLAN – Part 3


I covered some basics on Multicast in the last blog entry here. Let’s now take a look how multicast is utilized in VXLAN deployments. During the configuration of VXLAN, it is required to allocate a multicast address range and also define the number of logical Layer 2 networks that will be created. For more details Read more...

VXLAN Series – Multicast Basics – Part 2


In the last post here, I provided some details on vSphere hosts configured as VTEPs in a VXLAN deployment. Also, I briefly mentioned that Multicast protocol support is required in the physical network for VXLAN to work. Before I discuss how Multicast is utilized in VXLAN deployment, I want to briefly talk about some of Read more...

VXLAN Series – Different Components – Part 1


In the last six months, I have talked to many customers and partners on Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN). One of the things I felt was challenging was how to explain the technology to two different type of audience. On one hand, there are Virtual Infrastructure administrators who want to know what problems this Read more...

VMware VXLAN Deployment Guide available for Download


Recently I posted the Network Virtualization Design Guide that provides details on the different components of VMware’s VXLAN based network virtualization solution. The guide also discusses the packet flow and design considerations while deploying VXLAN in an existing and a green field environment. To accompany this design guide we have put together a VXLAN deployment Read more...