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DRS Pairwise Balancing in vSphere 6.5 and 6.7


Or maybe I should have called this blog post, “I’m seeing an excessive number of DRS initiated vMotions on my newly upgraded 6.5 environment”. Recently I was part of a few conversations about the nature of DRS load balancing in systems running vSphere 6.5 and newer. It was noticed that more vMotion operations where occurring Read more...

New vSphere 6.5 DRS White Paper released


This week I published a new white paper about vSphere 6.5 DRS. Most customers have been using vSphere DRS for over a decade, yet the technology is updated with each vSphere release. vSphere 6.5 contains plenty of new options that align with today’s use of virtualization. This whitepaper provides an overview of the functionality offered Read more...

Virtually Speaking Podcast #67 Resource Management


Two weeks ago Pete Flecha (a.k.a. Pedro Arrow) and John Nicholson invited me to their always awesome podcast to talk about resource management. During our conversation, we covered both on-prem and the features of VMware Cloud on AWS that help cater the needs of your workload. Being a guest on this podcast is an honour Read more...

vSphere 6.5 DRS and Memory Balancing in Non-Overcommitted Clusters


DRS is over a decade old and is still going strong. DRS is aligned with the premise of virtualization, resource sharing and overcommitment of resources. DRS goal is to provide compute resources to the active workload to improve workload consolidation on a minimal compute footprint. However, virtualization surpassed the original principle of workload consolidation to Read more...

VMware Cloud on AWS – A Closer Look


Today, VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are announcing a strategic partnership providing the ability to run a full VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) as a cloud service on AWS. This service will include all the enterprise tools you’re familiar with including vSphere, ESXi, VSAN and NSX. This article provides a technical preview of Read more...