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VMware ESXi: Planning, implementation and security


The week before VMware Partner Exchange I decided that it was time to start brushing up my ESXi knowledge. I usually dig up all the manuals and presentations I can find and start from there. This time I took a different approach however, I bought a book. The book was titled "VMware ESXi: Planning, Implementation, Read more...

Scripted install with ESXi


I received a couple of questions around doing a scripted install with ESXi and decided to write up a script and show you the steps required. Doing a scripted install with ESXi though is fairly simple: Boot from the ESXi CD-Rom Press "Tab" when the "VMware VMvisor Boot Menu" is displayed Edit the  string so Read more...

Adopting ESXi, now is the time!


Within the virtualization community we have been seeing more and more people adopting ESXi. Not only adopting it but also actively evangelizing the use of ESXi over ESX classic. The main argument being of course the reduction in operational effort involved with maintaining the platform. Last week two excellent articles were published. The first article Read more...