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VMware and NVIDIA Make It Easy to Add AI to Your Bucket List

Author: Lee Caswell, Vice President Product Marketing at VMware

Don’t let 2021 slip by without looking at how VMware and NVIDIA have simplified the prospect of bringing ground-breaking AI applications to your private cloud.

The results of our work this year are impressive:

  • With the VMware vSphere 7 Update 2, vSphere is now performance-optimized for AI. It also supports shared NVIDIA Multi-Instance GPU technology on virtualized infrastructure with bare-metal performance.
  • The recent vSphere 7 Update 3a with Tanzu enables containerized workloads to leverage GPU acceleration in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster and adds Kubernetes support for policy-based deployment and management of containerized NVIDIA NGC libraries.
  • The NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite added support for virtualization, exclusively optimized for vSphere users, with AI developer frameworks and tools backed by NVIDIA support. NVIDIA AI Enterprise also includes access to the latest versions of the NVIDIA Triton inference server and NVIDIA TensorRT SDK for high-performance deep learning inference, which were announced today.

NVIDIA LaunchPad now gives easy access to these innovations

As announced at NVIDIA GTC, LaunchPad offers a set of curated data science and AI labs, including NVIDIA AI Enterprise software running on VMware vSphere. LaunchPad is available across nine Equinix colocation sites, where users can take advantage of dedicated, secure, temporary testing resources at no charge.

Within these labs, teams can learn how to train a model using TensorFlow, perform sentiment analysis with NVIDIA RAPIDS, or deploy an AI support chatbot — all within the familiar resilient vSphere enterprise infrastructure environment that runs non-AI applications.

Use LaunchPad to Accelerate Your AI Deployment in 2022

AI creates a competitive advantage for a data-driven economy, and VMware and NVIDIA’s AI-Ready Enterprise Platform, a combination of VMware vSphere with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, is a game-changer. To get started with LaunchPad curated labs and try AI projects like deploying a customer service chatbot at no cost or risk, go to