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Announcing the Project Monterey Early Access Program

Last year at VMworld 2020 we announced Project Monterey, the next step in the evolution of VMware Cloud Foundation to meet the needs of next generation of applications. Project Monterey leverages the power of dynamic composability of hardware accelerators to improve the overall data center performance and security. VMware started this journey by adding support for DPUs (also known as SmartNICs or IPUs) in Project Monterey.


Image of Project Monterey's Relationship to Applications


Since our announcement last year, VMware has partnered with leading hardware vendors (Intel, NVIDIA and Pensando) and server OEMs (Dell Technologies, HPE and Lenovo) to deliver end-to-end market ready solutions to customers.

As the next milestone, we are happy to announce the launch of Project Monterey Early Access program. The Early Access program is a unique opportunity for participating customers to collaborate with VMware to test and validate their use cases in a VMware lab environment to solve real customer pain points.  As part of this program, customers and VMware together will set goals and expectations. The duration for the program is expected to last between 4-6 weeks on the average. A core support team comprised of subject matter experts and program managers will guide customers through their Early Access program journey.

The Project Monterey Early Access program will offer select customers the opportunity to help shape cutting edge data center technologies that will form the foundation for next generation of applications and workloads.

Please complete this form OR scan the QR code from your smart phone, if you are interested in participating in the Project Monterey Early Access program. We will be in touch shortly.