Hello all,

We are currently just starting our work on the marketing 'collateral' we need for our upcoming releases.  The products I work with include VMware Data Recovery (vDR) and Site Recovery Manager (SRM).  So that means I need to produce a technical What's new deck for our partners and internal technical sales people for each of those two products.  That is pretty easy.  Where it gets interesting, is I also need to do an evaluators guide for each of them.  An evaluators guide is suppose to be a simple and easy introduction to the key features of the product it is about. 

You may want to check out the current ones – both from before my time here in Technical Marketing – vDR and SRM.

Why I am writing here today, is simple.  We have been told by outside customers who use these guides that they need to be better.  Some of the comments that are clearly great ideas include checklists so that you do not need to read as much, and can find what you need easier.  So I will include checklists in my guides. 

But I am hopeful that someone might read this blog and be willing to share what they think might bake our evaluator guides more useful.  I would really appreciate any comments that can help me do a better job. 

These two guides I need to write are my first.  This is your chance to get guides that you really need!

Thank you,