DMZ Virtualization


In his Virtualization Blog this week, David Marshall from Infoworld mentioned a couple of recently published documents should make your reading lists. I have already talked about one of these in a previous post—“VI3 in a Cisco Network Environment.” The other document David mentions is, “DMZ Virtualization with VMware Infrastructure.” This paper discusses the pros Read more...

Using VLANs with ESX


Most folks are aware that extending 802.1Q VLAN trunks into the ESX host is a best practice recommendation. It enables logical separation and scale of the various traffic types (management, IP storage, VM applications, etc) without being constrained by the number of physical NIC ports. We call this Virtual Switch Trunking (VST). As the name Read more...

Observations from Cisco Networkers Live in Orlando


Apart from my Outlook email files being completely cactus for the week, Cisco Networkers in Orlando was an outstanding success. We saw an enormous amount of traffic through the VMware booth with many stopping to ask questions of our engineering staff and look at remote demonstrations of VDI, ThinApp, HA and VMotion. VMotion never fails Read more...