Development stack -Traditional to FAAS

How Technology Powers our Cloud-Native Development Environment


Tweet by Eric Rong, Technical Architect, Business IT, VMware Automating and encapsulating the application development process into a cloud-native environment can dramatically improve development and operational efficiencies. This includes removing as many hurdles as possible so that developers can focus on where they add the most value–the business logic and data. A top priority for Read more...
Independent Entitlement Context

How to Deconstruct a Monolith using Microservices – Getting Ready for Cloud-Native


Tweet By Balaji Parthasarathy, Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture and Experience Design, Business IT, VMware, and Shaji Vayaveetil, Domain Architect, Business IT, VMware In the past, VMware IT built business applications with minimal viable features as fast as we could, like most IT shops. We used existing technology stacks and followed known business requirements. After the Read more...