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Rubrik Zero Trust Data Management™ for VMware

Rubrik Zero Trust Data Management™ for VMware.

“The threat of severe ransomware attacks poses a clear and present danger to your organization.”

Such an ominous warning could be straight from the script of a high-budget action movie. Unfortunately, this is a real-world advisory from The United States Department of Justice in June 2021 Ransomware hackers are getting smarter and now going straight for your backup data, so backup data must be inherently secure so attackers can’t hold data hostage.

The Need for Zero Trust Data Management for VMware

The breakdown of the perimeter is driving a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity. A Zero Trust architecture assumes all users, devices and applications are untrustworthy and can be compromised. In other words, trust nothing, always verify.

What is Rubrik Zero Trust Data Management?

Rubrik Zero Trust Data Management™ is an architecture that is modeled after the Zero Trust Implementation Model from NIST. At the core of Rubrik Zero Trust is Rubrik DataGuardian™, which supports a purpose-built file system that never exposes backup data via open network protocols. This creates a logical airgap that blocks data from being discoverable or accessible over the network.

Rubrik Zero Trust Data Management goes to the heart of data protection – keeping hackers out of your backup system, identifying ransomware activity, and making sure all data has a clean backup that can be recovered quickly.

What Rubrik Zero Trust Data Management means for:

  • IT teams can now protect critical data from ransomware attacks.
  • Security teams can now confidently leverage secured backup data to perform attack forensics.
  • Application owners can now rest easy knowing that business data is protected, and that if a ransomware attack were to occur, applications can be restored quickly to maintain business continuity.
  • CIOs and CFOs can now be assured that ransomware recovery plans are supported by a Zero Trust architecture.

The message from the highest levels of government and security experts is clear: The bad guys are getting through traditional security defenses – and they are targeting your backup VM data as a growth strategy. It is time to rethink your data protection strategy, to set up new backup and recovery requirements based on Zero Trust principles, and to make IT investments that secure your data to help ensure your organization never has to pay a ransom.

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