VMworld 2020

Protect the future of your applications and business with cloud data protection

Your organization relies on VMware for the applications and data that fuel your business success. Protecting these assets is critical, regardless of whether they are in your data center or in VMware Cloud on AWS. You need your data protection experience to be simple, seamless, and scalable across the data center and cloud.

Druva, built on AWS, is the leading provider of SaaS-based data protection for VMware hybrid cloud infrastructure, providing seamless backup and disaster recovery capabilities critical to your business. We help VMware customers reduce the TCO of data protection by up to 50%, save time with radical simplicity, and turn backup data into a business asset. Customers rely on Druva as a certified VMware partner for Data Center and Public Cloud, as well as VMware Ready Storage.


“Druva Phoenix facilitated our migration to VMware Cloud on AWS, and it allows us to use more AWS services so that our IT department can expand the services it delivers to our customers. Druva also does all the hard work on the backend, like migrating our data to different tiers of storage, which we don’t have to worry about. We simply copy our data to Druva and know it’s protected.”

Stuart Catterall, Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, University of Manchester


As a platinum sponsor of VMworld 2020, we plan to make your interactions and experience amazing. You will see how our award-winning products can solve your most pressing challenges and future needs. You can book dedicated time to speak with a Druva expert, as well as join us for our breakout sessions and panel discussion.

Visit us here to learn more about Druva’s presence at VMworld and register for these sessions:


State of California – Office of the Governor protects VMware Cloud and on-premises data [MAP3050S]

Druva customer Chris Brode, ISO & Network Administrator, Office of the Governor will share how he launched the State of California’s digital transformation journey with VMware, protected by Druva.

We’re excited to have you join us – here’s a quick shout out from our Director of Product Architecture, Prasanna Malaiyandi: State of California


How to Succeed with Kubernetes in Cloud [KUB3091S]

Subject matter experts from Advanced Technology Alliance Partner Druva will discuss what’s happening with containers and stateful applications, how to protect your K8s apps and infrastructure, and what’s on the horizon for Kubernetes.



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