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VMworld 2020 Day 1 Recap: Possible Together


What a jam-packed day it was! Such an incredible start to our first ever digital VMworld. We have been so inspired by how each of you has shown up with energy, passion, and grit, determined to work together to solve today – and tomorrow’s – biggest challenges. Here’s what happened today:


General Session: Building your Digital Foundation for an Unpredictable World

Day 1 kicked off with an inspiring and informative general session led by VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger. Focusing on the digital foundation for an unpredictable world with your business, your apps, and your data at the core. Delivering five critical building blocks – app modernization, multi-cloud, digital workspace, virtual cloud network, and intrinsic security – to help our customers with their digital transformation. There were also several major announcements along with inspiring testimonials from across the globe.

We also heard from VMware COO, Sanjay Poonen, starting with our five priorities being vertically delivered throughout healthcare, education, public sectors, retailers, and financial services industries. He also discussed VMware’s “any app, any cloud, any device” technology strategy with the help of Dormain Drewitz, Purnima Padmanabhan, and Lilit Div.



Several prominent thought leaders made an appearance, sharing their perspectives from their diverse industries. These luminaries included:

  • Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, Feeding America CEO, using VMware technology in their data centers to respond to their demands and delivering 1.5M lbs. of food to ensure no one goes home hungry.
  • John Donahoe, Nike CEO, using VMware products in their digital transformation to help deliver great consumer and employee experiences seamlessly.
  • Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO, announcing Project Monterey unleashing AI for every enterprise in accelerating data and security processing to line speed.
  • Lori Beer, JPMC, diving into their private cloud infrastructure where they are seeing their provisioning times decreased significantly with their key measure being speed of delivery.


The world has quickly changed this year, and it’s continuing to – but VMware is always ready to help you meet the need. For the full list of announcements visit vmworld.com.


Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO and Pat Gelsiner, VMware CEO.


We were also treated to a thought-provoking conversation with Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, on her perspective on transforming a business and the importance of creating an environment that everybody can bring their own self to. We also heard from Stephan Bancel, CEO of Moderna, on how his team was able to pivot the company and work together to fight COVID-19.

  • Fireside Chat: Sanjay Poonen and Indra Nooyi [VI3156]
  • Fireside Chat: Sanjay Poonen and Stephane Bancel [VI3157D]


Solutions Keynotes: Diving Deep into Today’s Critical Technology Challenges

Next on deck, we heard from the VMware leadership team about the technical challenges that IT professionals face today. Our Chief Technology Officer, Greg Lavender, discussed what’s coming next from VMware’s innovation engine and what today’s professionals need to know to evolve their strategies. Highlighting Tech for Good, Amanda Blevin’s Folding@Home project, that is building virtual appliances to provide researchers around the world with idle compute power to find a solution to COVID-19.

The Multi-Cloud Solution Keynote was another major highlight. This keynote took advantage of our virtual setting to conduct a multi-stage demo about how to leverage multi-cloud, using VMware Hands-on Labs as an example. It was a great way to show how VMware helps every customer through major application pathways.


Cloud City: Exploring Solution Demos and Cloud Strategies

This year, we introduced a digital version of Cloud City, made up of more than 50 solution demos. Our experts worked with VMworld attendees to advance their cloud strategies, as well as manage their COVID-19 response strategies for apps, cloud, and workforce.

In our Ask an Expert 1:1 program, participants connected with top experts from VMware, including Joe Beda, Raghu Raghuram, and Joe Kinsella from CloudHealth. It was a unique opportunity to meet some of the best and brightest experts in the world on cloud, Kubernetes, and more in a personalized, 1:1 setting.


VMworld Challenge: A Chance to Win the VMworld 2020 Backpack

It wouldn’t be VMworld without throwing in some fun in the day too! The VMworld Challenge brought a healthy spirit of competition and engagement throughout the conference. By participating in various VMworld 2020 elements, challenge participants can qualify for a chance to win prizes, like the VMworld 2020 Limited Edition backpack, sponsored by Dell. The VMworld backpack is the thing of legends, so be sure to complete the survey to play if you haven’t already!





We hope you had a great first day exploring VMworld 2020 and got to attend breakout sessions (live and on-demand), the entertainment zone, and the demo zones. Were you as psyched as we were for our exclusive concert with musician extraordinaire, John Legend? We thought so. 😊


Missed out on day 1? Don’t worry, there’s still time to register for another innovative day at VMworld 2020. Get up to speed with our Know Before You Go. 


Be sure to check-in with us tomorrow for a recap of day 2!


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  1. thank you VMware for these online sessions !
    i did not know Indra Nooyi and she made my day. She became my hero.

  2. I liked very much the presentation about VMware/Carbon Black Cloud Workload. The whole package… “ALL” in one sounded really interesting. My company would definitely benefit from a centralize tool like that. I wish I could get that presentation or a PDF file to share with my peers. Thank you.

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