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Start Browsing – the VMworld 2020 Content Catalog is Live!

And now for one of our favorite moments leading up to VMworld: the VMworld 2020 Content Catalog is now live! Check it out here and start finding your must-attend sessions and favorite speakers.

As always, you’ll be able to filter by session type, track, audience, product, or technical/business level. Mix and match any of those filters to find session content at the level you’re looking for. This is your VMworld journey, and you can map it out however you’d like!

Additionally, you can also combine search with filtering by typing in your search term, and then adding a filter. Click on a presenter’s name to view their bio and their other sessions.

Just remember, starring an item means you’re marking it as a favorite – it’s NOT the same as scheduling. Scheduling sessions begin early September.


Take a look at the top sessions for each VMworld Channel below!


Professional Development: 

  • [1361] Outstanding Presentations – How to Improve your Presentations Skills
  • [1589] Harness the Power of Collaboration to Drive Your Success
  • [2116] Be a Brand and Not an Employee
  • [1759] Enable Your Career and Organization with VMware Certifications and Badges (EDU)


Hybrid Cloud:


      Cloud Provider Services 

  • [2442] Cloud Provider Vision & Strategy
  • [1351] VMware Hyperscale Solutions
  • [2407] What’s New in VMware Cloud Director


      Hyperconverged Infrastructure 

  • [1814] vSAN 7.0 – A Platform for Both Virtual Machines and Containerized Workloads (Cormac/Duncan)
  • [2540] Data Management for Kubernetes and Modern Applications on VMware (PM)
  • [1069] vSAN Technical Deep Dive (PM)


      Cloud Platform 

  • [2110] What’s new in vSphere
  • [2162] vSphere with Tanzu 101 for the vSphere Admin
  • [2469] Deep Dive into vSphere with Tanzu



  • [2170] Best Practices for Cloud Financial Management
  • [2274] Multi-Cloud like a boss!  You choose where the live Web App is deployed!
  • [1119] VMware Cloud Business Office: Our Secret Weapon to Tame Multi-Cloud


Emerging Trends: OCTO

  • [1213] Game-Changing Employee Productivity with Spatial Computing and VMware
  • [2406] Inside xLabs and Off-Roadmap Innovation in VMware’s Office of the CTO
  • [1625] Confidential Computing: Architecture and the Future of Application Security



  • [2038] Become a Kubernetes admin from the comfort of your vSphere
  • [2129] How to provision and then build on your Kubernetes cluster
  • [2167] Manage thousands of Kubernetes clusters
  • [2621] Getting Started with vSphere with Kubernetes and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (EDU)


App Modernization

  • [2275] Modernize Systems in Days and Weeks, not Months and Years
  • [2219] Deconstructing the Monolith: Replace, Refactor, Rebuild, or Replatform
  • [2363] Always-on Service for Millions: Kubernetes and Observability Best Practices
  • [1336] Intuit Story: See Kubernetes, Cloud and Apps with Tanzu Observability
  • [1591] Always-on Service for Millions: SRE Best Practices for K8s, Observability


As well as, Telco 5G

  • [2636] Show Me the Money: Monetizing 5G and Enterprise Services with VMware
  • [2644] Accelerate Deployment of a Distributed 5G Core Network
  • [2637] Transforming 5G Economics with an Automated Telco Cloud Platform


SD-WAN Network Edge

  • [2349] Pushing Boundaries with SD-WAN: SASE at its Best
  • [2384] Seeing is Believing: AIOps, Monitoring, and Intelligence for the WAN & LAN
  • [2345] SD-WAN Sneak Peek: What’s New Now and into the Future


Cloud-Scale Networking

  • [1150] Migrating from NSX-V to NSX-T – Samuel Kommu, Jennifer Schmidt
  • [1184] Introduction to Networking in vSphere 7 with Kubernetes – Vinay Reddy, Yasen Simeonov
  • [1178] NSX Federation – Everything about NSX Federation – Dmitri Desmidt


Intrinsic Security

  • [1141] Demystifying the NSX-T Data Center Distributed Firewall (EDU)


VMworld 2020 Content Catalog is Live! Register today!

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