VMworld 2019

VMware Assessment Lounge @ VMvillage

Assessment tools are designed to accelerate your digital transformation by providing tools and processes to evaluate your IT environment and assess readiness for true SDDC or cross-multi cloud. The Assessments Lounge at VMworld Europe will be showcasing our SDDC assessment tools. Learn how to use VMware Assessment Tools to discover, design and optimize your IT environment. We will also have live demos, workshops and showcase deliverable report to customers and partners.


Business Outcomes for Customers attending Assessment Lounge:

  • Learn the benefits of VMware advanced technologies and how to easily accelerate your digital transformation journey with our assessment tools
  • Learn cost benefits of scaling infrastructure with our VMC on AWS or other multi-cross cloud solutions
  • Identify opportunities for driving greater efficiencies from existing investments, improve security, and drive agility through application availability and mobile cloud delivery including valuable insight into infrastructure risks, data analytics, and capacity requirements.



Engage with our experts at the VMware Assessment Lounge where you can drive a live assessment, including:

  • vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA): Leading private and hybrid cloud management – Provides reclamation costs of private cloud and multi-cloud cost comparison across public cloud
  • HCI Assessment, Powered by LiveOptics : Hyper-converged infrastructure and vSAN storage solution – Easily assesses workload impact and path to optimized IT environment for Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), Powered by LiveOptics
  • VMware Network Assessment (VNA): Micro-segmentation analytics for evaluating customer network traffic patterns – Provides insights and optimization recommendations, helps teams predictably deploy Micro- Segmentation with comprehensive security models and firewall rules
  • vSphere Assessment Tool (vSAT): Accelerate vSphere upgrades – Identify workloads at risk for out of support vSphere versions and provides alerts for hardware.


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