Change is happening in the industry, and it’s happening fast.

If you’re an admin, chances are you’re spending less time building out data centers, infrastructure, and architecture. You’re spending more time setting up applications. You’re installing and configuring your own virtual environments to the hybrid cloud, and you’re managing and deploying cloud services.

Your metrics for success are changing, too. Previously, stability was the name of the game, and making upgrades slowly was considered a best practice.

Today, however, time to market is critical. How quickly can you get a feature set to market? Applications are constantly updating, and IT professionals need to know how to keep up with the change.

Your role has become a core part of the business, especially when the application you’re focused on is the business. You’re no longer just an IT person – you’re in dev ops. You’re working directly with developers, and you’re being asked to be a stronger partner to the business.

All of these changes can be overwhelming to keep up with. How do you know which skills to invest in? Which ones will have the greatest impact for your career and business? IT professionals who don’t navigate the industry’s transitions successfully may become less competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly changing IT environment.


That’s why thousands of IT professionals attend VMworld every year. At VMworld, you can expand your career quickly by learning the technologies you need to stay current. You’ll learn:

  • How to use CloudHealth, Heptio, and other market-leading applications from VMware that IT professionals are expected to know
  • How to deploy these applications into the cloud
  • New modern frameworks to deploy quicker
  • Best practices around continuous integration




Change is constant, but how you react and adapt to that change is what matters. Ready to upgrade your skills? Register for VMworld here.