For this weeks Blogger Roundup, we have a very admired blogger in the community, Fabian Lenz.





“Within comdivision, a VMware partner holding all 4 Master Competencies, I am part of the technical team around SDDC, Horizon and VMware Cloud architecture and implementations. As a partner for the partner, we are consulting, teaching and collaborating with vendors, distributors and other partners to achieve the maximum out of their projects.”






Check out Fabian Lenz’s blog post, “Lenzker’s Why VMworld 2019? 10 Reasons Why You Should Go,” that focuses on how VMworld could accelerate your career and take you to the next level. He also includes 10 very good reasons to attend VMworld that he recommends using to convince your boss! Here, Lenz shares with us how why he continuous to attend VMworld year after year:

VMware has outgrown from a pure virtualization vendor to an enterprise that offers nearly every datacenter and end-user computing relevant software. Keeping an overview in this world is very very difficult. VMworld is definitely the place to be for successfully staying on or maybe even ahead of the curve. Connecting with people who love the technology field is such a great selling point of yourself. If you are passionate about something and you give something to others (blogs, tweets, vBeers or a simple thank you) there will come the day that you will get something back from them.”




Fabian Lenz’s blog was awarded a top vBlog in 2017, and has countless tips and tricks for VMworld. 


VMworld US & Europe are right around the corner! Make sure to register today to accelerate your career and connect with people in your field.