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VMworld 2018 Europe Day 0 Recap: Bienvenido a Barcelona

It’s been a while—I know we’ve kept you waiting, but we’re finally here! VMworld 2018 Europe touched down in Barcelona, Spain today, taking the City of Counts by storm. Attendees flocked to the Fira Gran Via from all over the world to reunite with the vCommunity, get hands-on with the latest VMware products, become VMware certified and bask in the inspiring glory that is VMworld 2018 Europe.

Whether you came for today’s Partner General Session, did a marathon of some VMworld Quick Talks, attended some Industry Workshops or simply picked up your badge and kicked back in the seriously sick VMvillage, there was no shortage of thrills to be found today. Dive into the highlights from Day 0 of VMworld 2018 Europe below and get a sneak peek at what’s in store for the rest of the week.

Hands-on Labs

Monday was a huge day for VMware Hands-on Labs (HOLs), offering attendees a first taste at new VMware products and enabling them to test drive these solutions and collaborate directly with VMware experts in real-time for any questions or troubleshooting. VMware HOLs give you an inside look at new labs and products before they’re released to the public, granting VMworld 2018 Europe attendees a competitive edge over their colleagues.

In particular, today featured an HOL Spotlight Tour featuring some ridiculously cool augmented reality features, as well as a backstage, behind-the-scenes tour complete with an exclusive look at the latest VMware products and cloud technologies.

VMworld 2018 Europe

VMware Education and Certification Center

If you weren’t getting hands-on at VMworld 2018 Europe today, you were almost certainly being certified. Getting certified at VMworld helps you build the virtualization and cloud tech skills and experience you need to design, deploy and operate your VMware platform and evolve your organization. Plus, it was an opportunity to get pinned with some cool swag.

Be sure to take advantage of special training and certification offers at VMworld 2018 Europe, including 25% off our on-demand courses and premium digital learning subscription, as well as 50% off VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exams.


Whoever said it was all work and no play at VMworld was seriously mistaken. The place to be today without a doubt was the VMvillage, which featured numerous chances for attendees to kick back, play games, mingle with the vCommunity and win some awesome prizes. vExperts from far wide congregated in the Alumni Lounge and VMware Champions booth to reminisce about VMworlds past. Meanwhile, Cloud City offered attendees an opportunity to learn about the intricacies of creating and storing your own applications in the cloud.

But it was the games that really stole the show. Whether you were racing miniature cars, shooting pool, diving after ping pong balls (both real and virtual), getting rowdy over the air hockey table or playing with a large group of friends on what has to be one of the longest foosball tables ever, the fun in the VMvillage was both electric and contagious the entire day. And for those charitable VMworld attendees, we partnered with Soñar Despierto (The Daydream Foundation) to assemble 3,000 kits that will be sold to fund their programs for children living in shelters.

VMworld 2018 Europe

VMworld Challenge

Friendly reminder, alert! As you make your way through VMworld 2018 Europe, attendees with full conference badges have the opportunity to earn virtual achievements thanks to the VMworld Challenge. By attending sessions, keynotes, Hands-on Labs, Solutions Exchange booths and much more, you earn virtual credits that you can use to collect VMworld swag or support global communities through Kiva microloans. Learn more about the VMworld Challenge here and be ready to dive into the challenge in full-force tomorrow!

What’s in Store for the Rest of VMworld 2018 Europe

That wraps up today’s VMworld 2018 Europe recap, but there’s still so much more to come that we can barely contain ourselves. Tomorrow you’ll want to show up bright and early for the General Session entitled “Technology Superpowers” as well as the long-awaited grand opening of the Solutions Exchange. See you there and discover even more about VMworld on our blog and following us on Twitter (@vmworld)!


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