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VMworld 2018 US Day 4 Recap: Celebrating 20 Years of VMware

It’s hard to believe it, but Thursday marked the final day of VMworld 2018 US and we could not be more thrilled at the way this year’s exceptional conference turned out. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, learning from vExperts, discovering new technologies and making new friends in the global vCommunity. On Day 4, the general session returned in full force. We’re here to break down the highlights from the last day of VMworld 2018 and the entire conference as a whole.

In Thursday’s general session, attendees were treated to an exciting and forward-looking talk entitled “The Frontiers of Reality.” CTO Ray O’Farrell introduced three guest speakers who spoke TED-style on how to harness technology to embody the essence of creativity, human behavior, personal happiness and our perceptions of reality. Verity Studios’ Rafaello D’Andrea spoke about the machine revolution and showcased the impressive evolution of autonomous machines since the first digital revolution in the 70s when the spreadsheet was the “killer app.” As Rafaello captivated the audience with pushing the boundaries of flying autonomous machines, his parting message was that with the amazing technological power we now have at our disposal, it is our responsibility to use it wisely.

VMworld 2018

Next up was Professor Laurie Santos, world-renowned for creating one of the most popular courses in Yale University history: “Psychology and the Good Life,” an exploration into the science behind human happiness. As it turns out, there’s a lot of scientific research detailing just what does and does not lead to humans feeling happier. Laurie explained this and shared four insights from her class that each of us can use to create greater levels of happiness:

  1. Remember, your mind lies to you about what will make you happy
  2. Make time for making social connections
  3. Be in the present moment
  4. Practice gratitude every day

VMworld 2018

Last but not least, neuroscientist Anil Seth gave a presentation on how the human brain is a prediction machine and the nuances of human consciousness. Throughout Anil’s trippy, mind-boggling presentation, he wowed the audience with his exploration of the extremely subtle differences between hallucination and perception and how both inform our unique views on reality.

Attendees left the general session with their minds opened and ready to devour more breakout sessions, hands-on labs and certification opportunities that continued throughout the rest of Day 4 of VMworld 2018. Luckily, there was also yet another delicious lunch awaiting them shortly after and this year’s final surprise and delight—a quartet of talented break dancers who entertained everyone in the Rhythm Zone.

As a final look at VMworld 2018, we rounded up some impressive stats:

  • There were 300+ customers certified
  • 11,000+ hands-on labs were completed
  • 800 breakout sessions took place throughout the conference
  • 61,000 and counting social media posts using the hashtag #VMworld
  • 7,200+ attendees at this year’s VMworld Fest
  • 3,000 delicious VMware 20th birthday cupcakes consumed

VMworld 2018

For all of you seasoned VMworld vets, thank you once again for your dedication to the conference and coming out to celebrate 20 years of VMware. For all you first time VMworld-ers, we hope VMworld 2018 convinced you to return for many more VMworlds to come. And to all of our attendees, thank you for helping make VMworld 2018 one of the best. Here’s to seeing you all next year in San Francisco.  Until then, we hope you all have relaxing weekends and make sure to remember that Possible Begins with You!


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