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VMworld 2018: What You Need to Know

Whether you’ve been to VMworld 10+ times or this is your first time, the five-day conference is filled to the brim with innovation, learning, fun, and networking opportunities, all designed to accelerate your journey to a software-defined business. We’ve created a list of things you need to know about before you pack your bags for Las Vegas or Barcelona.


Event Dates and Locations

VMworld spans two continents – so sign up for whichever area you happen to be closest to… or further from! Pro tip: some people even time their conference attendance with a vacation. Whether you attend in the US, Europe, or both (!), here’s the most important information you need to know:

Registration: Key Dates and Tips

Whether you’re attending VMworld in the US or Europe, we recommend getting your passes online and in advance to save time and money.

  • While early bird registration has passed for VMworld 2018 US, you can still grab regular passes until August 25. Register here!
  • Early-bird registration for VMworld 2018 Europe ends on July 27, but don’t let that stop you from grabbing regular passes from July 28 – November 4. Be sure to register here when you’re ready to rock.

Curate your Experience in Advance

VMworld is absolutely jam-packed with sessions, labs, events and more. Get the most out of your experience by referencing the content catalogs for VMworld 2018 US and VMworld 2018 Europe – the scheduling feature goes live next week for VMworld US and in September for VMworld Europe, but you can start looking now! Not sure where to start? No problem! This year, there’s a new – personalized way – to pick your sessions. Check out last month’s blog post to learn more.

Engage: Activities and Fun

While there is A LOT to take in at VMworld, there are a few activities that no one should miss!

The Solutions Exchange is the hub of many events. Head there your first night at VMworld to attend the welcome reception and again later in the week to taste test some beverages during the hall crawl! Both of these events give you a great chance to mingle with other attendees, meet the vendors, and get an overall lay of the land – all with a side of delicious food! To learn more about these fun-filled escapades visit the VMworld 2018 US activities and VMworld 2018 Europe activities pages.

Learn: General Sessions, Showcase Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, and More

While the parties and networking events are always a memorable part of the conference, the sessions, workshops, and opportunities to meet up with the experts are the meat of VMworld. These elements give you access to cutting-edge thinking that can turn your virtual world upside down. We’ve organized our offerings into specific tracks and sub-tracks that reflect our diverse audience needs and interests. Check out the tracks for VMworld 2018 US and VMworld 2018 Europe.

Train: Hands-on Labs and Certification Programs

Getting access to thought leadership through our numerous sessions is an amazing way to get exposure to new ideas, but sometimes nothing beats learning by doing. Be sure to take a peek at our hands-on labs (sometimes referred to as HOL.). For those on the technical track, hands-on labs afford you the opportunity to collaborate directly with VMware experts to help you troubleshoot or ask questions while you test out VMware products. When you participate in HOL at VMworld, you get to try new labs before they’re released to the public, giving you a competitive edge over your colleagues.

VMworld offers numerous certification programs that enable you to realize the full value of VMworld and your VMware investments. By getting certified, you build the virtualization and cloud tech skills and experience necessary to design, deploy, and operate your VMware platform to evolve both your organization and your career.  When you sign up for a certification program at VMworld, you can save up to 30%.

Check out hands-on labs and certification programs for VMworld 2018 US and VMworld 2018 Europe.


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