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We really do love our vExperts. They provide such an important bridge from VMware’s employees to its user group. They can explain first-hand how to use our products and solutions, things they like, things they don’t like, and how to troubleshoot common problems that VMware users often run into. For VMworld, it’s no different. Included in this blog are links to eight vExpert blogs all about their personal experiences at VMworld, and what’s actually in it for you—our customer.


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Why should YOU attend VMworld?


Why your presence at VMworld will help you in your careerVladan Seget sums it up really well in his post that covers tips for before and during the event, transportation details, organization of your time during the event, social media info, and more.


How attending VMworld changed my professional life and can change yours too!Kim Bottu went as far as saying that VMworld has changed his professional life! He revisits past planning mistakes, as a now VMworld veteran, and lists benefits unique to VMworld.


Why you should attend VMworld 2018 – “VMworld has something for everyone,” said Gregg Robertson. Read the full article to learn what’s in it for you.


Why you should attend VMworldRajesh Radhakrishnan gives a really good overview of what to expect, from Labs and Training, to first-timer travel info. Check it out!


VMworld 2018 inscricoes abertas – From: Rodrigo Alexandre. To: Our Portuguese-speaking readers.


Alright, your boss still isn’t convinced. This one might help.

Turning a no to a yes you can attend for VMworld 2018 – You asked once and got “the big No” from your employer. Maybe it was because of the cost, or the location, or lack of coverage for your regular day job. Whatever the reason may be, you’re not alone! VMworld is a huge event, and it may take some extra convincing to get you there. Check out Matt Mancini’s advice for changing their minds. His tips are almost too good, that it just makes you think – Matt must get everything he wants in life!


Expert tips & tricks for while you’re there.

Most of our bloggers touched on their personal tips and tricks for during the event, but if you want to skip to the insider info, go ahead and skip to these two blogs.


Considering VMworld 2018 top 10 secrets to VMworld – Secrets to VMworld? That’s right. Our vExperts really do know the ins and outs of large conferences. Graham Barker is no exception. If costs are a concern, you’ll discover some discount information here.


Wouter’s five vCommunity tips for visiting VMworld – Did he really just tell you to talk to strangers? Yup. VMworld is your chance to ask questions and voice your opinions in a judgment-free zone. Also, too much swag might become an issue… how awesome is that? Click the link to read what else Wouter Kursten has to say.


When it comes down to it, it’s up to YOU to do everything in your power to get to VMworld 2018, but we hope these blogs will be helpful throughout your journey. We hope to see you in Las Vegas!!! Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes. 😉


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