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VMworld Hackathon is Back!

Last year at VMworld in Las Vegas, we held our first VMware {code} hackathon, followed shortly by the repeat event at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. If you believe what people have been saying (e.g., herehereherehereherehereherehere), the event perfectly encapsulated our “learn, code, connect” mantra, and a good time was had by all.

Some of the nice things about the event that stand out:

  • It’s open to experts and newbies alike.
  • You don’t actually need to know how to code to be a productive member of a team.
  • Ideas don’t have to be limited to VMware products.
  • Lots of socializing and forming new connections with colleagues and peers from around the world!

So, we’re doing it again this year!

When and where

At VMworld U.S. in Las Vegas, the hackathon will take place on Monday, August 28th, from 8pm to late at the Luxor.

Unlike last year, we ask both participants and guests to register via ScheduleBuilder. Active participants can then create or join a team and coordinate with their teammates using the Google spreadsheet.

We’ve increased the number of available seats significantly. There’s more space this year so more people can get involved. Make sure to sign up before we reach capacity.


  • Hackathon Event: 15 teams hack on ideas! [VMTN6722U]
    Rules to join the Hackathon: 1. Sign-up for this session. 2. Join a team or add a new idea and wait for others to join your team in this spreadsheet here. 3. You can coordinate with your fellow team members to determine what project you would like to do for your selected theme. 5. Register for VMware {code} and join the vmworld-hackathon group to discuss. 6. Have fun!
  • Hackathon Audience – Food, Drinks, and Cheering! [VMTN6723U]
    Didn’t get signed up for the Hackathon? Don’t like to code? Come cheer on your favorite teams, eat food, drink, win an Amazon Echo, and be merry.

Training sessions

Based on feedback we received last year, we’ve added a few introductory sessions to help those new to a particular topic get a productive start into the evening. These 90-minute sessions will take place immediately prior to the hackathon:

  • Hackathon Training: Getting started with Clarity [VMTN6719U]
    Want to learn how to design an awesome looking UI with the clarity framework? Bring your laptop and follow along as we go from zero to UI in this session and show how easy it is to use the VMware Open Source Clarity Framework to make your apps look awesome!
  • Hackathon Training: Integrating VMware API’s and Amazon Echo (Alexa) [VMTN6721U]
    Cody De Arkland, Senior Systems Engineer, SLED West, VMware
    Bring your laptop, GitHub account and your favorite IDE and learn how you can easily get started integrating your VMware environments with your Amazon Echo devices. We will take you on a magic carpet ride exploring Python, the Flask web framework, VMware API endpoints, Clarity, and Docker. By the end of this session, you’ll be a few steps closer to having your Homelab talk back to you!
  • Hackathon Training: Open Source Projects for Enterprise Cloud Native Applications [VMTN6718U]
    Haining Zhang, Chief Architect, VMware
    Bring your laptop and learn how to deploy, manage and develop cloud native applications with the latest VMware open source projects. Topics include VIC engine, Admiral, and Harbor.
  • Hackathon Training: Getting started with the vSphere Automation SDK for Python [VMTN6720U]
    Steve Trefethen, SDK Manager, VMware
    Bring your laptop, GitHub account and your favorite IDE and learn how you can easily get started with Python and the vSphere Automation SDK for Python, at the end of this session you will know the basics of python and using it to call the VMware vCenter API to perform some key tasks.

Agenda, rules, prizes etc.

We’ll have more details to share over the coming days and weeks.

VMware {code}fest

This year’s hackathon event is part of VMware {code}fest. Monday night marks the kick-off to four days of presentations, talks and opportunities to connect.

How to stay in the loop

Please follow @vmwarecode on Twitter. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure to join the VMware {code} program. Once you receive your personal Slack invite, go join the #vmworld-hackathon channel.

2016 event recap

For those who are new to the hackathon, here’s a nice recap of what went down at VMworld U.S. in Las  Vegas:

What about Barcelona?

Can‘t share details yet, but let‘s just say don‘t make evening plans for Monday, September 11th.

We’re still working on getting everything lined up and confirmed. Hope to have more info to share very soon!


We’re here to answer any questions! Leave us a comment, find us on Slack or Twitter, and we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks, and see you all at the hackathon!


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