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Top Sessions by Track @ VMworld 2017

With over 500 sessions available, how do you choose which to go to? We have your answer right here. We’ve asked our Track Leaders to rank their top sessions by track that we’ve curated below just for you, along with our NEW Showcase Keynotes.

Showcase Keynotes

EUC Showcase Keynote: Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces [EDW7002KU]

Track: Empowering the Digital Workspace Sub Track: Application and Desktop Virtualization, Simplify Application and Access Management, Unify Endpoint Management

What you’ll learn: You need to help employees work smarter. Consumer technologies are driving digital transformation in the workplace. The workforce is no longer tethered to a physical space and their apps and data are moving to the cloud – requiring IT to redefine how end-user services should be delivered to meet the rising demands of employees, and lines of business. In this showcase, you will hear from customers, partners, and innovators at VMware who are building on intelligence to transform the way their organizations securely empower the workforce for a better user experience. Learn how forward-thinking IT organizations are creating digital workspace strategies to harness the power of new apps, devices, and connected things to transform business processes and drive engagement and productivity for every employee. This session is highly recommended for those attending VMware AirWatch, VMware Horizon, or VMware Workspace ONE related product sessions throughout the week.


Simplifying and Accelerating Your Multi-Cloud Strategy [IPC7001KU]

Track: Integrate Public Cloud Sub Track: Leverage Hybrid Clouds, Manage Multiple Clouds

What you’ll learn: The need to integrate multiple clouds is the new normal. We are living in a multi-cloud world and your cloud strategy should enable you to choose the right clouds, for the right workloads, at the right time. In this session we’ll showcase how VMware’s rapidly expanding Cloud Services portfolio is helping customers optimize their cloud strategy by matching application requirements to the right cloud destinations — based on needs for cost savings, application agility, and timescales. VMware executives will showcase our latest capabilities including VMware Cloud on AWS and Cross-Cloud Services. And hear from VMware customers using our cloud solutions to accelerate cloud transformation, extend existing datacenter investments, gain insights across cloud environments, and achieve consistency in managing, securing, and delivering in multi-cloud environments.


Transforming Networking and Security for the Digital Era [TS7003KU]

Track: Transform Security Sub Track: Networking and Security, Secure Application Infrastructure, Secure Identity and Endpoints, Evolve Government, Risk, and Compliance

What you’ll learn: Companies today depend on the applications and the data used to redefine their industry and fundamentally their business models. Networking and security needs to be focused on the application and independent of the underlying infrastructure. This allows security capabilities to be wrapped around the VM, container, or microservices across heterogeneous endpoints and across cloud silos for the lifecycle of the application – no matter how brief. The network becomes the fabric that brings together the platform in a secure, highly available, and automated experience that is consistent from the data center to the edge – but it has to be delivered both as software and an open platform for innovation. Join this showcase to hear from networking and security leaders as well as customers on how VMware enables a network virtualization and security platform for the enterprise that helps customers make the transition to the digital era.


Transforming the Data Center to Deliver Any Application on Any Platform [MDC7000KU]

Track: Modernize the Data Center Sub Track: Cloud-Native Apps, Dev Ops, Virtualizing Applications, Cloud Management, HCI and Storage, Networking and Security, Plan, Build, Operate a Cloud Infrastructure Platform, Server Virtualization

What you’ll learn: Your data center needs to evolve. The age of digital transformation has pushed the role of the data center beyond headquarters and out to the cloud. Today’s competitive climate is placing increased pressure on organizations to emphasize innovation over operations. It’s no longer about running and maintaining traditional infrastructures; it’s about transforming to deliver business agility. In this session, you’ll hear from customers that are using VMware’s innovative, software-defined data center architecture to modernize infrastructure, automate IT, and deploy modern cloud native applications and microservices. We’ll feature the latest demos and discuss products and solutions including vSAN, VMware Cloud Foundation, vRealize Suite and Developer Ready Infrastructure that have already been tested at scale in hyperscale cloud providers and are helping enterprises future-proof the data center and deliver better business outcomes.

Modernize the Data Center

VMware Cloud Foundation Architecture Deep Dive [PBO1222BU]

What you’ll learn: Learn about the latest features and capabilities available from VMware’s next generation cloud infrastructure platform; VMware Cloud Foundation. We’ll show how Cloud Foundation makes it easy for you to succeed in your data center modernization and hybrid cloud journey.


Configuring a Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation [PBO1757BU]

What you’ll learn: Learn how to integrate an on-premises VMware Cloud Foundation-based private cloud with one delivered as-a-service from a public cloud provider and see how it delivers a unified and consistent operational experience for the hybrid cloud.


Simple, agile, secure. VMware Cloud Foundation, the next generation hybrid cloud platform [PBO3135SU]

What you’ll learn: Cloud Foundation evolves VMware’s market leading server virtualization, vSphere, by extending the core hypervisor with integrated software-defined storage, networking, and security services that can span private and public environments. Join us to learn more about new features, how it works with tech demos, and hear directly from our customers on how Cloud Foundation is transforming their datacenters.


How DevOps Is Transforming IT: People, Process, Technology [MGT3136SU]

Sub Track: Cloud Management

What you’ll learn: As companies are continuing innovation on the path to digital transformation, they need new tools, skill sets, and organizational structures to support the emerging DevOps paradigms. Ajay Singh, VMware Cloud Management Business Unit’s General Manager and SVP, will speak with some of our major customers about the challenges they met, and the solutions they put in place. Learn about VMware’s usage of our own tools for DevOps to drive efficiencies into our own organization while improving products we are building for customers. See cools demos of some of the DevOps solutions that many of you own and can start using today!


Multicloud is Eating the World. Join the Party! [MGT3137SU]

Sub Track: Cloud Management

What you’ll learn: The IT world of tomorrow will be multi-cloud, we know that much. But how do you manage, secure, and analyze your IT in that new world? You will be the judges while our Product Management teams compete (in “American Idol” style) to demonstrate you different management solutions for multi-cloud world!  See how you can troubleshoot, automate and orchestrate, manage costs and capacity, and ensure security of applications deployed across multiple clouds. See how our recent acquisition Wavefront fits into the picture. And learn from our customers who use multiple clouds today.


What’s on the Horizon: Cool Emerging Technologies in Cloud Management [MGT3138SU]

Sub Track: Cloud Management

What you’ll learn: Hear from the Mike Wookey, the VMware Cloud Management CTO, and our top engineers about what we see on the cloud horizon, and how cloud management will be evolving. Huge volumes and high complexity of metrics and metadata generated by the software-defined private and public clouds will require new management paradigms that will blur the lines between the basic monitoring, troubleshooting, and automation, and will ultimately require machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), to effectively operate the next generation IT environments. We will share our vision and aspirations, as well as some cool skunkworks projects brewing at VMware labs.


vSAN Vision: The Future of HCI [STO1490SU]

Sub Track: HCI and Storage

What you’ll learn: Get an in-depth look into VMware’s software-defined HCI approach and learn how Fox Entertainment trusts vSAN’s enterprise-class features, scale and performance to run their critical business applications.


Modernize Your Infrastructure with VMware HCI: Why vSAN Is Your Best Choice [STO2974SU]

Sub Track: HCI and Storage

What you’ll learn: Learn about the vital evaluation criteria you need in order to make an informed decision when you modernize your infrastructure, and hear from Symantec about how they’ve successfully integrated vSAN into their business initiatives.


vSAN Customer Panel [STO1487PU]

Sub Track: HCI and Storage

What you’ll learn: Learn about how vSAN customers (Boeing, Sugar Creek Packing Co., Honeywell, Kroger and General Motors) architected their vSAN environments and what the key consideration factors were in the process.


NVMe: What Is It? An Interface? A Protocol? A New Drive Technology? An Industry Revolution? [SER2413BU]

Sub Track: Server Virtualization

What you’ll learn: NVMe Forum and a broad ecosystem of vendors including VMware has been working on NVMe standards, products and interoperability for more than 7 years now. During this time, this technology has come a long way and established itself as an industry standard for storage technology and powered new kind of use-cases, new breed of products and new set of infrastructure. It is nothing short of an industry revolution in the storage industry. Please join this session to learn the industry landscape of evolving NVMe based storage industry and how VMware is working tirelessly to deliver its advantage to customers.


VMware and Chef: Leveraging the vSphere API Together [SER1906BU]

Sub Track: Server Virtualization

What you’ll learn: In this session, you will get an overview of the current VMware vSphere API and how to use it in your own data center. We will explore some of the different methods and tools available to a variety of audiences (vSphere administrators, developers, security admins, auditors) when automating against the vSphere API. Leveraging the new vSphere representational state transfer (REST) API, we will show how to use the new Chef integration to build a virtual machine using a DevOps workflow. Before that though, we will start with a basic overview of Chef, going into the knife-vcenter plug-in, comparing it to the legacy knife-vsphere, and introducing a new test-kitchen integration. We will also touch on the InSpec framework to show the basic integration testing to confirm the virtual machine is in the desired state.


 VMware vSphere v6.5: A Customer’s Perspective on Migration Strategies [SER2507BU]

Sub Track: Server Virtualization

What you’ll learn: vSphere v6.5 represents feature, functionality and tighter integration not found in earlier vSphere versions. Learn how one company built out a nested ESXi environment to test/validate new and enhanced features. Also understand decisions around Greenfield versus Brownfield for their Production deployment. vSphere v6.5 also represents the first version with a migration path to the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA), so the thought process around Appliance versus Windows Installable, Embedded versus External and database decisions will be covered.


Application Transformation

DevOps Deep Dive [DEV1517BU]

Sub Track: DevOps

What you’ll learn: Whether you’re just getting started or are well into your DevOps transformation, there’s something for everyone in this session. Want to successfully deliver DevOps? Which are the technologies involved in successfully implementing DevOps? Answers to these questions and more are delivered in an engaging session led by VMware’s Professional Services team. We’ll draw on our field deliveries and deep product expertise to deliver a fast-paced hour of DevOps know-how.


UnPanel: Surviving the DevOps Transition [DEV2353GU]

Sub Track: DevOps

What you’ll learn: Ready for a debate? What is DevOps – a trend, a job, a new way to work, a marketing catch phrase? We’ll start the panel with some experts – but you, the audience, will get to challenge their thinking.  Be ready – your commentary could get our panelists ejected from the stage – and you’ll get to take their place. Rated a top “can’t miss” session from last year’s VMworld.


The Shift Left: The Changing Role of Operations as Developers in a DevOps World [DEV2858BU]

Sub Track: DevOps

What you’ll learn: Join Tom Hite, Director of Emerging Solutions and Architecture consulting discuss the changing role of the IT Administrator and the infrastructure they manage. As Devs infiltrate IT and Operations and Ops gets closer to code, development and related operations roles are changing more rapidly than ever. Acronyms and ‘role expansions’ abound, SRE, ClusterOps, SecOps and a host of other You-Name-The-Dev(Ops) role will continue to push the boundaries of the ‘shift to the left’ — or maybe better coined ‘the dev shift to the right.’ Which dev are you? Which do you need? Which should you be?


Cloud Native for Today and Future: Strategy for Modernizing Apps, Microservices, and Serverless [CNA1298SU]

Sub-Track: Cloud-Native Apps

What you’ll learn: Digital transformation is disrupting business models in every industry. The key to this digital transformation lies in cloud-native solutions that enable modern application frameworks for rapid innovation, continuous delivery, and superior experiences across any infrastructure. Join this session to get an overview into VMware’s cloud-native solutions that help businesses get their modern applications and microservices into production without compromising operations, security, or compliance. Learn how enterprises are leveraging cloud native in their digital transformation and empowering developers to build and deploy apps quickly. This comprehensive session will provide the information you need on VMware’s cloud-native vision, strategy, and technologies.


Container Deployments: Real World Stories with Our Customers [CNA1766PU]

Sub-Track: Cloud-Native Apps

What you’ll learn:  Come join this panel to hear from customers who have deployed containerized workloads on VMware vSphere and learn about their experiences, challenges, and success stories. There will be four customers from three different industries—financial, technology and education — to join this panel and share with you their first-hand experiences of running containers on Vmware vSphere leveraging vSphere Integrated Containers.


What’s New with Containers on SDDC [CNA3045BU]

Sub-Track: Cloud-Native Apps

Abbreviated Abstract/What you’ll learn: Explore the latest developments for Containers on SDDC, with solutions that include Docker, vSphere Integrated Containers, Kubernetes and other container frameworks. Learn how containers and container frameworks on vSphere and SDDC streamline application development and maintenance processes. See how you can provide on-demand container infrastructure that promotes and enhances developer agility, while also delivering enterprise-grade security, visibility, management and governance. Several container use cases will be presented with a focus on application modernization, developer agility, and deriving competitive advantage through cloud native applications.


Monster VM’s (Database Virtualization) with vSphere 6.5 Doing IT Right [VIRT1309BU]

Sub Track:  Virtualizing Applications

What you’ll learn:  All the major topics related to the implementation of Business Critical Databases are covered in this fast-paced, consistently entertaining and always popular session.  You will learn why hundreds of thousands of companies have virtualized their Database environments, why the SDDC is the perfect approach and what is new in vSphere 6.5.


SQL Server on Virtual Linux [VIRT3171GU]

Sub Track: Virtualizing Applications

What you’ll learn:  The newest trend in database technology is to run MS SQL Server on Virtual Linux. Come and listen to an open discussion of this cosmic cross-section between VMware, Linux and Microsoft technologies with VMware and Microsoft product specialists along with Microsoft MVPs leading the charge.  You will learn the reasons regarding how and why SQL on Virtual Linux was created as well as the limitations.


Application Security and Compliance for Oracle on VMware [VIRT2551BU]

Sub Track: Virtualizing Applications

What you’ll learn:  The secrets of security when running Oracle on vSphere when security is the paramount concern are reveled in this session.  in vSphere 6.5 virtualization is now extended to provide VM level security managed at an enterprise level. This process can then be automated allowing enterprise wide enforcement of standardized security policies while eliminating much of the possibility of human error caused security issues. See how VMware NSX and vRealize Automation makes this reality.


Transform Networking and Security

Why VMware Might Just Be Your Most Important IT Security Company [SIE2709BU]

Sub Track: Secure Identity and Endpoints

What you’ll learn: The rising cost of data breaches is staggering, with no slowdown in sight now that every organization has gone digital. Security no longer resides on the perimeter but needs to be everywhere … from the device to the data and everywhere in between. VMware’s footprint throughout IT allows you to re-architect security utilizing virtualization and mobility to insert security everywhere.


Limit Your Cyber Attack Footprint with Endpoint Security and Micro-Segmentation from VMware NSX and AirWatch [SIE3196BU]

Sub Track: Secure Identity and Endpoints

What you’ll learn: Yesterday’s security protocols and measures have become inadequate. As cybersecurity threats increase, protecting data center resources and limiting a user’s access to internal resources are no longer “nice to have” but a must have. Enable business agility and productivity for mobile users while limiting access to corporate IP and data. AirWatch and NSX allows you to attach and integrate EMM and Networking policies enabling end -to-end security for mobile workflows.


Protect Corporate Data from the Device to the Data Center [SIE2332BU]

Sub Track: Secure Identity and Endpoints

What you’ll learn: Businesses are finally committing to hybrid cloud strategies on a large scale, partly because CIOs and CEOs are convinced of their benefits and partly because they have become a business imperative, especially with the consumerization of IT. Learn how pivotal Workspace One and AirWatch is key to security success.


Transforming Networking and Security for the Digital Era [TS7003KU]

Sub Track: Networking and Security

What you’ll learn: Companies today depend on the applications and the data used to redefine their industry and fundamentally their business models. Networking and security needs to be focused on the application and independent of the underlying infrastructure. This allows security capabilities to be wrapped around the VM, container, or microservices across heterogeneous endpoints and across cloud silos for the lifecycle of the application – no matter how brief. The network becomes the fabric that brings together the platform in a secure, highly available, and automated experience that is consistent from the data center to the edge – but it has to be delivered both as software and an open platform for innovation. Join this showcase to hear from networking and security leaders as well as customers on how VMware enables a network virtualization and security platform for the enterprise that helps customers make the transition to the digital era.

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Empower the Digital Workspace

The Evolution of Endpoint Management Within a Digital Workspace [UEM3155SU]

Sub Track: Unify Endpoint Management

What you’ll learn: Meeting user expectations for anywhere, anytime, any-device access is becoming increasingly complex for organizations that continue to live in silos of desktop, mobile, and every other kind of endpoint. Join Noah Wasmer, Senior Vice President of Mobile Products at VMware, as he shares his perspective on the evolution of endpoint management into a device-agnostic platform enabling a smarter and more secure workspace for the business. We turn the spotlight on our customers themselves as they share their journeys to radically transform PC management, unify management across desktop to the Internet of things, and enable transformative experiences for users and IT.


Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Workflows to Boost App Adoption and Productivity [UEM1423BU]

Sub Track: Unify Endpoint Management

What you’ll learn: For IT, connecting heterogeneous backends is difficult; at best, there is not enough time and manpower to support the requests in a timely manner. This introduces shadow IT, where the business unit deploys a solution to meet user needs outside of IT’s control. Learn how IT can take back control using Workspace ONE intelligent workflows to build workflows from core apps to backend services such as Salesforce or Concur. These workflows create what we call micro moments which provide an exceptional user experience, increasing productivity and app adoption while keeping corporate data secure.


Focus on What Matters for Mobile Device Management with Intelligent Analytics Delivered by AirWatch [UEM1854BU]

Sub Track: Unify Endpoint Management

What you’ll learn: VMware AirWatch manages millions and millions of devices, apps, users, and more as a key part of our customers’ mobile device management strategies. Through our own analysis of customers’ anonymous device and application data, we’ve gained insights that have helped shape our product decisions, and now we want to bring more analytic capabilities to our customers. Whether your focus is on driving bring-your-own-device adoption, optimizing app performance, or planning for a new iOS deployment, we’ve added more custom reports, data visualizations, and analytic capabilities for device management, app performance, and user engagement to help measure your impact. This session will explore where to find your data, how to design your own custom reports, and how to get actionable insights into your devices, apps, and users.


The Transformation of Identity and Access Management in the Age of the Digital Workspace [SAAM3157SU]

Sub Track: Simplify Application and Access Management

What you’ll learn: We are in the age of the digital workspace. Your users are clamoring for access to their data and apps from any device, including from personal devices. Your business expects IT to maintain security and eliminate the leakage of any sensitive information. How do you maintain this balance between end-user productivity and security? We believe the industry needs to evolve to focus on controlling access based on a new access control layer. In this Spotlight Session, the VMware leadership team will discuss how VMware Workspace ONE is built on a powerful access control layer that is dynamic, based on context. This access control layer in Workspace ONE transforms how organizations implement access control without compromising the end-user experience.


What’s New in Horizon 7 – Technical Deep Dive [ADV1586BU]

Sub Track: Virtual App and Desktop Delivery

What you’ll learn: Delivering desktop and applications just became even easier with Horizon 7.1 and JMP (Just-in-Time Management Platform). Provision faster, improve your management and how you scale using VMware Instant Clone Technology for fast desktop and RDSH provisioning, App Volumes for real-time application delivery and User Environment Manager for contextual policy management. This session will give technical detail and demos of the latest features and advancements of Horizon 7.1 including Instant Clones for RDS Hosts, vGPU support for Instant Clones, anonymous logon and more.


Delivering virtual desktops and apps via the Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE and Horizon [ADV1591BU]

Sub Track: Virtual App and Desktop Delivery

What you’ll learn: In this session we will demonstrate how you can integrate VMware Horizon with VMware Workspace ONE to deliver virtual desktops and apps via a digital workspace. We will cover the technical components needed and how they plug together to deliver a simple and secure way for users to access their applications. We will cover the specific configuration information and design considerations to enable fast access and single sign on to Horizon 7 virtual desktops and published applications from Workspace ONE. Finally, you will see how users can access Horizon resources from Workspace ONE as we demo the user experience and key features.


Building a multi-cloud strategy with Horizon Cloud Service [ADV1604BU]

Sub Track: Virtual App and Desktop Delivery

What you’ll learn: Organizations are going from asking whether cloud is appropriate to adopting multiple clouds at the same time. Organizations are relying on services from a mixture of private and public clouds depending on business needs and independent cloud strengths. In this session, you will learn about VMware Horizon Cloud Service and how it provides a virtual desktop and application service that allows you to mix multiple clouds for a best-fit solution.


Emerging Technologies and Trends

VMware Internet of Things Strategy and Road Map and How Customers Are Adopting IoT [IOT2135SU]

Sub Track: IOT

What you’ll learn: Internet of Things is here and companies are starting to invest heavily to be the first in their industry to transform with IoT. With new types of telemetry being gathered from devices companies are able to gain actionable insights to improve their business processes making them more efficient and enabling superior ROI. As your enterprise begins to invest in and implement IoT throughout your value chain, new challenges surface daily related to managing, monitoring, securing and harnessing IoT devices. Be the first to see VMware unveil their IoT strategy and roadmap. See how they are helping customers innovate with IoT. Learn how your industry – from manufacturing to transportation or logistics to healthcare can benefit from VMware’s solutions.


Enabling The Edge with Hyperconverged IoT Infrastructure [IOT2145BU]

Sub Track: IOT

What you’ll learn: The data center is moving to the factory, hospital, retail store, oil rig… and beyond. Why are companies realizing the importance of real-time analytics not leaving the place in which it used to make decisions? Come learn why companies have chosen Hyper converged infrastructure for IoT that stays close to the ‘edge’ where devices reside. Learn the risk of sending ALL your real-time data to the cloud and the importance of the hybrid approach when it comes to IoT. An IoT implementation takes a vast amount of time to cobble together, deploy, integrate and configure all the necessary components. Imagine a hyperconverged infrastructure to speed up deployment, reduce latency and risk, and implement IoT faster and easier. Come learn how VMware is enabling customers a the edge with a hyperconverged IoT infrastructure.


Smart Hospital Transformation Improves Operations and Outcomes [IOT2165GU]

Sub Track: IOT

What you’ll learn: It is widely recognized that the healthcare industry is rife with inefficiencies that result in increased costs and unnecessary mistakes in the delivery of patient care. The smart hospital of the future is enabled with an IoT and RTLS infrastructure and backed by a robust analytics platform that delivers real-world insights about the healthcare facility in real time. Armed with a comprehensive view of patients, staff and equipment, hospital administrators can quickly identify operational bottlenecks and define a path to reducing inefficiencies that waste time, increase costs and lead to poorer health outcomes. Join leading operational intelligence solutions provider VizExplorer, Zingbox and Enterprise IT leader VMware along with key partners who are building the smart hospital of the future.


Integrate Public Clouds

200 to 40,000 VMs in 24 Months: Building Highly Scalable SDDC on Hybrid Cloud: Real-World Example [LHC2424BU]

Sub Track: Leverage Hybrid Clouds

What you’ll learn: This session will provide a technical in depth review of how a real world large scale enterprise customer successfully designed and built a highly scalable hybrid cloud environment with the capability to scale up to 40,000 workloads in a short period of 24 months. We will discuss the various design approaches being considered (Scale up vs Scale-out) and what approach worked best for our customers and why. We will also cover the migration strategy and approach our customer followed to bring their critical business application workloads to the newly built hybrid cloud environment with minimum disruption to their business operations. Session will address the various tradeoffs of building a massive scale environments using hybrid cloud and how to overcome the associated challenges and risks using an architectural design approach.


Achieving Success in a Multi-Cloud World [LHC3139SU]

Sub Track: Leverage Hybrid Clouds

What you’ll learn: Attend this executive panel session to hear direct from industry cloud leaders trends they are seeing in the cloud market and how their most successful customers are achieving success in today’s unique cloud environment. At the conclusion of the panel you’ll have a chance to ask the panel your own unique questions and hear direct from the experts.


Build VMware Powered Hybrid Clouds: See How vCloud Director and NSX work together to build true Hybrid Clouds [LHC2626BU]

Sub Track: Leverage Hybrid clouds

What you’ll learn: As a Cloud Service Provider, its imperial to have a platform that let you deliver Hybrid Clouds that make efficient use of your datacenter resources as well as offer multiple ways to deliver Hybrid channels to workloads in the cloud. VMware vCloud Director Solution helps to enable the delivery of cloud services that make efficient use of your datacenter, at the same time, it works with VMware NSX to deliver efficient, multi-tenant networking services that enable Hybrid paths to Cloud. vCD works with NSX to create Hybrid extension points seamlessly and securely. The session will go over various methods of enabling hybrid connectivity. Showcase how private vLANS/VxLANs from on prem VMware vSphere environments can be easily extended into virtual datacenters in your Cloud backed by VMware vSphere or VMware vCloud Director.


Live Demo: 3 Best practices for deploying, managing and securing AWS EC2 apps with VMware Cloud services [MMC2820BU]

Sub Track: Manage Multiple Clouds

What you’ll learn: With VMware Cloud services, VMware extends on-premises cloud management and networking capabilities into and across public clouds such as AWS and Azure. Via a series of demos, this session will show how to deploy a sample multitier application into AWS and manage it using VMware Cloud Services. Using cost optimization features in VMware Cloud Services, we’ll first determine the right AWS resources supporting application requirements. We’ll deploy those resources using AWS-native tools such as CloudFormation templates and custom AMIs. We’ll use VMware Cloud Services networking and security functionality to provide security across application tiers, including verifying the consistent application of policy.


Becoming a DevOps Superhero: Introduction to Wavefront for Optimizing Cloud-Native Applications [MMC3165BU]

Sub Track: Manage Multiple Clouds

What you’ll learn: In this session, we will introduce Wavefront metrics-driven analytics, a new way of monitoring that DevOps and developer teams at leading SaaS vendors use to get real-time insight into the performance of their cloud-native services, containers, and infrastructure. Also, Demetri Mouratis, SRE lead from Box will showcase how his team uses Wavefront analytics to help Box engineering innovate fast, push code to production frequently while maintaining visibility into critical cloud applications performance and analyzing almost more than 500,000 metrics per second.


How IT Can Enable Businesses to Build Apps on AWS, Azure, and VMware Without Compromising on Costs and Security [MMC3110PU]

Sub Track: Manage Multiple Clouds

Abbreviated Abstract/What you’ll learn: Businesses today rely on IT organizations to deliver applications more quickly than ever. This need for greater agility is driving the adoption of public clouds. The increase in multi-cloud adoption raises new challenges and risks for IT. Lack of visibility into cloud usage leads to uncontrolled costs and security threats. Unique technology stacks make managing multiple clouds even more complex and inefficient. In this panel discussion, VMware customers will discuss the challenges they are facing as business seeks greater agility, flexibility, and choice in the public cloud. Learn how they are balancing the need to help their lines of business build apps in the cloud while ensuring end-to-end visibility over public and private cloud infrastructure, costs, and security.


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