What to do and where to be seen in Las Vegas and Barcelona…

This is our 4th year bringing you Hands-on Labs and we are more excited than ever about the great experience we have planned for you.  Let’s talk about the conference first and then we will share with you our insider tips on where to hang out and been seen in both Las Vegas and Barcelona. Chances are we will run into you in these places and we will be happy to buy you a refreshment of your choice – just say hello and say hey I read your blog post.


Let’s start with the Content

This year we have over 85 NEW Hands-on Labs for you to experience and learn about the latest and greatest new products and solutions from VMware.  Simply put, our new Labs cover all new products and Solutions from VMware. We have all levels of content for all levels of interest. We have labs for folks that are new to VMware and Labs for users that are more advanced – The Challenge Labs for example.

Introducing a new type of Hands-on Lab – The Hybrid Lab.

These labs are a great way to experience new SAAS offerings from VMware and still navigate them using a familiar Hands-on Lab Interface. In these labs you will log into our Hands-on Lab portal and as part of the lab exercise you will log into our 3rd party clouds such as AWS. This is a great way to see the details on how VMware integrates with AWS.


What is powering the Hands-on Labs this year ?

Every year our friends in the OneCloud group tend to push the envelope – this year they have really pushed it over the edge and broke all the natural rules governing the universe. Lets take a quick peek at what will be powering the Hands-on Labs this year. The workload will be spread across several major clouds using more than 400 servers.


Our primary Cloud will be our Private Cloud – this is run and operated by VMware and will also used to power the labs online during and after the conference – yes we run the VMworld conference as well as our online portal at the same time. (Don’t forget all new Labs are first released at VMworld – Another great reason to attend)


We also partnered up with IBM to power and extend our capacity output this will help balance the loads and expand our footprint. The guys at IBM are great to work with and the IBM Cloud came on line pretty painlessly. Please do stop by and meet the OneCloud team at VMworld Hands-on Labs and ask them for yourself.


The Big News is that we will be debuting the new VMware Cloud / AWS to power the Hands-on Labs. This is a very early cloud but we found it to be very stable and powerful enough to serve the needs of our users during the conference.


Life is too boring so we decided to also run very early code in one of our vSphere Tech Preview Clouds – don’t worry we have built in a lot of redundancy to make sure your experience is superb during the event.

What to do, where to eat in Las Vegas

We tend to be a pretty tame crowd so we prefer to go to local places that offer great food at great value.


Food – Tacos El Gordo

I am from San Francisco and know my way around a good taco stand and this one certainly is in a class by itself. This is about as real as you can get and certainly worth the drive and effort out.  You can certainly feed the whole team and still feel good about putting the charges on your corporate card. Vegans please be aware that we did not find a good solution here. For non vegans everything is good. The interesting thing about this place is that they have a separate line for every type of taco you want. Don’t forget to order the Horchatas with your tacos.

Address: 3049 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


After Hour Refreshments – Clique Bar & Lounge Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

We usually work really late setting up for the show and testing the services so this establishment seems to help unwind and reflect on the days event.

We like this establishment because it provides a nice laid back atmosphere and they serve some very interesting refreshments. Please note we are not endorsing this location just pointing out where we usually go for an after-hours refreshment.

Address: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


What to do, where to be seen Barcelona

Barcelona to us is like visiting a dear friend when traveling. The food is great, the people are super friendly and you will always find adventure and a good story to write home about.



We have our standards places to go and we hardly every deviate from so here is our short list where you will pretty much find us most of the evenings after the conference.


La Bodegueta – Tapas

We go here because the owners are nice to us and do not make fun of our attempts at speaking Catalan, but seriously this is a great place for a quick bite and a way to experience the way locals eat their tapas. I like to sit inside, as the people tend to chat you up more vs. sitting up outside.

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 100 08008 Barcelona
Tel. 93 215 48 94



Petit Comite

The name is a little misleading and it does not really mean there is a small committee dictating what you will eat. Its more about friends getting together for a special meal. We love this restaurant the atmosphere is a little upscale but not overboard (no board shorts, or sandals please) so be sure to make reservations early. We have tried most dishes.

Address: Passatge de la Concepció, 13, 08008 Barcelona, Spain



After Hour Refreshments


The Old Fashion

Not far from Petit Comite is our very special place – This is The Old Fashion. The establishment is no bigger than my living room but it is full of Olde English charm and more important the bar tenders tend to take their work very serious. You will definitely see us here “testing the network latency” so be sure to say hello

Address: Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1, 08012 Barcelona, Spain



That is our short list – maybe if we run into you at the Hands-on Labs we will share with your our long list of places to go and be seen.


Thanks for reading – looking forward to seeing you at VMworld!