Welcome to the first installment of the VMworld Alumni Elite Blog Series! Here you’ll find insights from the veterans of VMworld.

Meet Robert Kim, director, software and cloud solution sales at Presidio.

You can follow Robert on Twitter @kimrg3092 or connect with him on LinkedIn.


We asked Robert a few questions about his experience at VMworld over the years, and here’s what he had to say!


Describe in 3 words your first VMworld Experience.

Anticipation. Curiosity. Inspiration.


What keeps you coming back to VMworld?

It’s never old. VMworld never had to worry about “being cool again” because it never stopped “being cool”.  The technology vendors, partners, and end-users represented at this event helped shape everything we know about modern IT and are also the visionaries that will transition us through the 4th industrial revolution. The VMworld Appreciation Party is also always cool ;).


How has the event changed for you over time?

Besides the obvious attendance growth, VMworld has become less about “VMware” and more about insights about the future of technology – and how, as IT practitioners, we can help shape that future. While there is still the technical knowledge sharing that is core to the event, VMworld has become a unique gathering of the best technical minds to envision the best path forward on our collective digital journey.


What advice would you give to a first-time attendee?

Since everyone in IT has the answers, be the question mark – don’t be shy in asking questions about things you don’t know. VMworld brings together the best, so don’t be afraid to take advantage and reach out vendors, partners, vExperts, VCDX’s, and fellow end-users because, in the end, it will lead to IT success.


Why should IT professionals considering attending VMworld?

If you want to make your organization “better” – if you want to make your clients’ experience “better” – if you want to make your world “better”- than go to a gathering of like-minded world citizens that know that even a small group of individuals can leave a lasting impression on our society. If you want to make a difference, then I’ll see you there.


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