VMworld season is upon us once again! It’s just a couple months until VMworld US in Las Vegas, and only a few short weeks after that when we’ll gather together in Barcelona for VMworld Europe (it’s earlier this year than it has been in previous years, so plan accordingly!). One of the things that makes VMworld season so exciting is the vibrant community that has grown up around these industry events.

The VMworld community encompasses so many groups: the VMware partners who come to show how their products work with VMware’s products; the VMware customers, who have come to learn more about what VMware can do for their business; and non-VMware customers, who are at VMworld to see if adding VMware to their technology stack will help them. The community also encompasses conference non-attendees, through—family members, spouses, and partners who have traveled with the conference attendee. Fortunately, the VMworld community embraces even the non-attendees via a program called Spousetivities.


Spousetivities was born at VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas when one conference attendee spouse said to herself, “Surely I’m not the only one that comes to these things!” Indeed she wasn’t, and 2017 marks 10 years of her vision—Spousetivities—providing organized activities for non-attendees. Since 2011, Spousetivities has also been present at VMworld Europe, providing safe and organized activities for folks traveling to or within Europe. The activities organized by Spousetivities provide a safe yet enjoyable way for non-attendees to enjoy the conference location. Conference attendees can enjoy the conference, knowing their spouse or family member is not alone, is safe, and is having an enjoyable time. Further, all of the organized activities are planned during the day, so your partner is free to join you for some of VMworld’s lively evening activities!


So what does this mean for you?

  1. If you’re planning on having a spouse, partner, or family member join you for your VMworld experience this year, we’d invite you to check out Spousetivities. You can visit the Spousetivities web site for more information, including a link to activity registration when it opens after the July 4th holiday.
  2. If you haven’t considered bringing a family member or partner with you in the past, perhaps this year would be a great year to try it! Check out the Spousetivities web site, the Spousetivities Facebook page, or follow @Spousetivities on Twitter to get a feel for what these events look like.

Spousetivities is a great example of the energetic community that surrounds VMworld and makes these events so great for attendees (and non-attendees!). We hope to see you—and maybe your spouse or family member—with you in Las Vegas or Barcelona!