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VMware Radius

Have You Heard of VMware Radius?


VMware Radius – Stories at the Edge   Designed to cater to the needs of both the networking and cybersecurity communities, the VMware Networking & Security Radius page provides insight into key news & trends and delivers content written by various thought leaders in the industry. Although Radius can certainly be consumed in parallel with Read more...

Review of the VMware Service-defined Firewall


Recap of the Service-defined Firewall Launch About a month ago, VMware launched the Service-defined Firewall to supplement the traditional perimeter firewall’s susceptibility to lateral movement of attacks. Because traditional perimeter firewalls are designed to safeguard the network against malicious north-south traffic, once breached, they are inadequate for detecting and containing attacks that spread swiftly across Read more...
Diagram showing how attackers breached Equifax's servers

Equifax Data Breach – What Really Happened There?


On Sep 7th 2017, Equifax – one of the “big-three” U.S credit bureaus – announced one of the most high profile data breaches in recent memory. This attack is estimated to have affected 143 million Americans through the loss of confidentiality of victims’ Social Security numbers, birth dates, and driver’s license numbers[1].   Since this Read more...

vSphere & AppDefense Deliver Intrinsic Security


Why shouldn’t your digital infrastructure be a part of your security strategy? If you’re running vSphere, we have the opportunity to re-think how security is done. Digital transformation is changing the way how we have to approach security. In fact, research reveals a hacker strikes every 39 seconds and the cost of a breach is Read more...