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Top 5 Planet V12N Posts – Jan 28th 2013

Hello readers! This week we have a great selection of posts from a sneak peak, how-to install,to mention a couple. You will not be disappointed. Maybe it will inspire you to write something and get it shared here. If you are on Twitter be sure to follow PlanetV12N.

myvirtualcloud.net by Andre Leibovici -VMware View Pool Manager (Sneak Peek)

Andre is giving us a nice sneak peak on VMware View Pool Manager.

One of the biggest challenges VMware View administrators face in large deployments is desktop pool maintenance. Commonly each desktop pool has Active Directory security groups with the number of users a given desktop pool will support.

Read the full article here

DEFINIT by Sam McGeown – Installing the VMware Support Assistant

Sam gives an excellent how-to installation guide for the new Support Assistant.

So VMware’s Support Assistant is pretty awesome and it’s free! I thought I’d do a quick run through of the installation and set up for anyone who was interested, it’s fairly straightforward and if you raise a lot of calls or have multiple calls on the go it’s a time saver!

Read full article here

Viktorious.nl by Viktorious – Some pitfalls when installing vCenter SSO using a custom DB

Here Viktorious talks about vCenter SSO and some of the troubles.

When installing vCenter Single Sign On (SSO) you have three options:

  • Install SSO as part of the VMware vCenter Simple Install option – In this case vCenter SSO, the vCenter Webservices and vCenter Server will be installed by one single wizard using default settings;
  • Install SSO as a separate product, using the included SQL Server Express database;
  • Install SSO as a separate product, using an existing database server (Oracle, MS SQL or DB2).

Read full Article here

Virtualization Review by Elias Khnaser Cloud Orchestration: What It Is, Why You Need It

Elias leads a great discussion about what Cloud Orchestration is and exactly why to use it..

The cloud is going to arrive in bits and pieces, not in a large uprooting of environments. When I try to explain that to some customers, they automatically change the conversation because they are not interested in cloud. Some of them view the cloud as a threat or they simply don’t understand it.

Read full article here

Jume by Bouke Groenescheij uMU, my Raspberry Pi vSphere monitor

Bouke discusses one of the hottest products out today and how he used it with vSphere.

Yesterday I tweeted a picture showing off my Raspberry Pi with bi coloured LEDs (Red and Green). I’ve always wanted something to put on my desk, with LEDs, checking vCenters and/or ESX(i) hosts. After experimenting with the Arduino, I knew this system would be a stand alone application (requiring something like an external VM, doing the checks, sending the Arduino the status). I wanted a standalone device, as small like the Arduino, capable of checks against vCenter. As you all know, the Raspberry Pi is suitable for that task.

Read full article here

That is all for this week. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to write something yourself!

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes – #173 vCenter Infrastructure Navigator & Chargeback

John Troyer
Alex Maier

Hemant Gaidhani, VMware
Hassen Abdu, VMware
Shrikam Goplaswyami,VMware

Link to Audio Recording
vCenter Infrastructure Navigator & Chargeback

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VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator – Visualize Dependencies - enables application-aware management of infrastructure and operations to better understand the impact of change, provide more complete disaster recovery protection and minimize downtime.

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VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator Documentation

VMware Infrastructure Navigator discussion forum

VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator - Delivered as a virtual appliance, vCenter 5.0 is a requirement

VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager - Improve utilization of virtual infrastructure with accurate visibility into the true costs of virtualized workloads.

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