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Top 5 Community Blog Posts – Aug 27th 2012

Hello Everyone! I am Patricio Cerda, vExpert 2011 and 2012, and virtualization blogger.

Here I am again to write about the content of the Community Blogs and to provide you with the Top 5 recommended blog posts to read.

So, here is the selection for the last 2 weeks. (In no particular order).

The SMB and VMworld
Mike Laverick talks about the SMB coverage at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco. The Vmworld 2012 has a lot of news focused on SMB Market.
Read the full article here

Preparing for VCP5
Jonathan makes a nice compilation of resources for VCP 5 exam preparation. This post includes some tips and advices in order you get prepare to this exam.
Read the full article here

PHD Virtual – Backup review
Bilal makes a great review about PHD Virtual, a useful solution to make backups on our virtual environment.
Read the full article here

IBM buys flash solid state device (SSD) industry veteran TMS
How much flash (or DRAM) based Solid State Device (SSD) do you want or need?
In this article, Greg talks about the latest IBM adquisicion, Texas Memory Systems (TMS), an industry veteran, in order to get more SSD capabilities.
Read the full article here

In this article, Bilal talks about the infamous PSOD and provides a compilations of links to helps us to face it.
Read the full article here

Enjoy the reading!!!

Top 5 Planet V12N Posts – Aug 5th 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am Luigi Danakos aka NerdBlurt, I am a vExpert 2012,blogger and social media afficinado. Alex put out a call for some guest bloggers to write here to help keep the great content flowing. So starting this week I will be scouring the Planet V12N blog feed and provided you with my Top 5 recommended blogs to read. So if you think a certain post is worthy of making a write up contact me on twitter.

This is my first week and bear with me while I create a good system to make this flow seamless. I have some huge shoes to fill as I believe Duncan Epping was doing these articles in the past.

So after many hours of reading through some great blog posts here is this weeks Top 5 posts. ( In no particular order)

Tech Head by Simon Seagrave – How to monitor your website or blog 

 In this post Simon talks about the need to utilize an outside source to monitor his blog for up-time. We all know the importance of our sites being available. Simon does a great job describing how he was affected and how he over came that by using the outside source. 

Are you looking for a simple and effective way of monitoring the uptime and responsiveness of your website or blog?  If so, this will be of interest to you.  I’ve been experiencing a few issues with the reliability of this web site recently.  It ends up that it was probably an issue with a memory leak in one of the plug-ins for caching that I used.

 Read the full article here


Around the Storage Block by HP Storage Guest – HP StoreOpen with LTFS for Windows: Making tape as easy to access and share as disk

 In this post you can find out that Tape isn't dead! Companies like HP are still devolping new things to better utilize this old technolgy.  

I’m proud to say that HP Tape’s unique blend of cost-effective, scalable, dependable and removable storage has always delivered proven benefits when it comes to protecting and retaining your data.

However, I’ll admit it:  accessing and sharing files on HP tape in Windows environments has not been as easy as disk. . . until now.

Read the full article here


The Virtualization Practice by Texiwill - Is the Software Defined Data Center the Future?

In this post Edward Haletky talks about the Software defined Data Center, he raises some valid questions. There is also some great insight here and this concept is definetly in the future for all data centers large or small. 

  VMware purchased Nicira, backed the Openflow Community, and is now touting software defined data centers (SDDC).  But what is a software defined datacenter? Is it just virtualization or cloud with a software defined network? Or is it something more than that? Given heavy automation and scripting of most clouds, do we not already have SDDC?

Read full article here


StorageIO by Greg Schulz – Oracle, Xsigo, VMware, Nicira, SDN and IOV: IO IO it's off to work they go

In this post Greg talks about the recent aquistion of Xsigo by Oracle. This has been an interesting last couple of weeks because of VMware and Oracle obtaining IO Virtualization Companies

 In case you missed it, VMware recently announced spending $1.05 billion USD acquiring startup Nicira for their virtualization and software technology that enables software defined networks (SDN). Also last weekOracle was in the news getting its hands slapped by for making misleading advertisement performance claims vs. IBM.

Read full article here


myvirtualcloud.net by Andre Leibovici – VMware Fling Boomerang Now supports PCoip via VMware View

Who doesn't love a good Fling? In this post Andre talks about the Boomerang Fling and how it supports PCoip connection now.

VMware Boomerang is a radically simple client application that allows you to use multiple vSphere servers simultaneously. Simply select “Add a Server…” to connect and login to an ESX server, vCenter server, or View Connection Server and you will be presented with a list of all available virtual machines.

Read full article here


Enjoy the reading and maybe one of these posts will inspire you to write something yourself.