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Changing Role of the OS


VMware co-founder Mendel Rosenblum will be speaking at VMworld next week. At some point in the recent past he was sitting on a plane beside Dan Farber of ZDNet and had this to say: The biggest misconception is server consolidation. It was the first big application in the enterprise. Part of the problem with being Read more...

March of the Planets


[Updated with direct links to the feeds below.] We’re very pleased to announce two new sections of VMTN. Both aggregate entries from various blogs and present all that information to you in one centralized, constantly-updated river of news. The virtualization industry is moving fast, and even VMware now has a number of voices and views Read more...

Welcome to the VMTN Blog


Welcome to the new home of the VMTN Blog. The old links to the VMTN Blog archives still work (and are over there on the right). Stay tuned for wall-to-wall VMworld coverage. See you in LA! –jtroyer Read more...