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VMTN Community – Beaming Around VMworld

Not attending VMworld 2017? Fear not, the VMware Social Media Team is not going to let you miss out! We are excited to announce that the Beams are back for VMworld 2017! So, even if you aren’t able to attend VMworld in person, you can still Beam around the conference floor, experiencing the various programs and showcases, and interacting with VMworld attendees via your computer or device.

The Beams will be available during all four days of the conference. To schedule your visit and guarantee your slot,  you just have to sign up to reserve your spot: VMworld 2017 Beams

We hope you join us for the amazing VMworld experience and Beam in to say hello!

My favorite post today!

In this audio blog, Daniel Aguirre, VMware Security Engineer NSX gives us an overview of the new ransomware called WannaCry or Wanna Decryptor that is attacking Microsoft Windows computers on the Internet and within organizations through a service vulnerability SMB 1.0 reported by Microsoft in the bulletin MS17-010 since March 2017 and has been exploited through the exploit called Eternalblue to demand a rescue of the files through Bitcoins. Although it was accidentally stopped the propagation (Killswitch), already new variants of this Ransomware are observed. We will be addressing the measures recommended by VMware and how NSX helps in the detection, monitoring and blocking of malware with native tools like Endpoint Monitoring as well as integration with security partners and best practices to avoid being infected by this worm.

Hopping to turn Advocacy into a community

#VMware Social Media Advocacay has been the principal communication platform when it comes to gathering content and enable it in a easy and simple way to users share on their social channels,