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Burton Group: Benefits of Virtualization in the Data Center? Priceless!


From Chris Wolf of the Burton Group: Data Center Strategies: Benefits of Virtualization in the Data Center? Priceless!. I was a bit surprised to learn that another industry analyst firm feels that virtualization is too costly … Virtualization provides too many benefits to stand by and watch others improve their availability and IT processes, while Read more...

Remaindered Links – May 11, 2007


From VMware: VMware’s addendum to our white paper "Microsoft Virtualization Licensing and Distribution Terms" (some good new developments, a few clarifications, and a few more data points) VMworld 2007 registration now open You have tried the TCO Calculator, yes? Workstation 6.0 Christian always nails it: May I present VMware Workstation 6.0 Feature comparison: Workstation Read more...