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The CloudCred, HOL Great Labs Game – VMworld 2018

The CloudCred, Hands-On Labs Great Labs Game is heading to VMworld – and it’s bigger and better than ever!

Where is CloudCred at VMworld?

You know where to find CloudCred at VMworld – in the Hands-On Labs venue! This year, we are right inside the door, so be sure to make a quick stop and say hello.

How do I play The Great Labs Game?

1. Come in. Take your labs, take your workshops, take advantage of the over 80 brand new Self-Paced Labs or (if you fancy a bit of person-to-person instruction) over 50 Expert-Led Workshops. It’s an incredibly valuable use of your time – and this year find 45 additional seats in the labs, so getting in is even easier!

2. Once you’ve finished with your labs and workshops – the FUN BEGINS. Score your CloudCred points for EVERY lab and workshop. Follow the QR code at the end of your lab or session for CloudCred points points points! And points lead to BIG PRIZES!!

What can I win?

Every day, Sunday – Wednesday

From the Top 10 on the CloudCred Labs World Leaderboard:

  • One (1) Winner scores a GoPro Hero 6 – Black!

GoPro 6 HERO Black.png

Thursday, about 2pm

From all the Overall VMworld Labs Badge Winners:

  • One (1) Winner scores a Parrot Drone & Controller (yeah!)
  • One (1) Winner scores an Apple Watch Sport (yeeaaahhh!!)
  • And one (1) Winner scores an iPhone 7+ (goodness!)

Nice. What else?  


Raspberry Pi.png

  • Three (3) lucky folk every day will be selected at random to win a Raspberry Pi. Just come in a take those labs. If your body is in a seat, you could win. It’s that easy.

Code Coin – Am I able to earn any in The Great Labs Game?


Code COINS narrow.png

Labs attendees can earn 25 Code Coins for up to four labs taken, and 50 additional Coins by completing select CloudCred tasks. Code Coins can be spent on lattes & more in the VMTN Communities Lounge.

This is Amazing!

We think so, too – and that’s NOT ALL!

Lightning Labs – The perfect way to end your day

Want to take a Self-Paced Lab but without the time commitment of the usual lab? Come by on your way out each afternoon, and find our featured – shorter, Lightning Labs!

Lightning Labs are only available in the last two hours of labs operations daily.

Lightning Labs participants will be entered to win an Oculus Go 3D VR Headset every day! Complete a Lightning Lab – and you’re entered to WIN.


See You Soon.

Swing in to the Hands-On Labs for the CloudCred Great Labs Game! It’s always a fantastic time – because of players like you!


Home Lab – vSphere I

The new Home Lab – vSphere I Badge is now available at CloudCredibility.com!
Get ready to roll up your sleeves!

This new badge set of tasks is one that you won’t want to miss.

The Home Labs Badge Series, beginning with vSphere I, will challenge CloudCred players to expand their own home lab knowledge and perform hands-on tasks within vSphere – not simply answer questions.

You’ll learn everything from vSphere 6.7 installation to creating integrated containers and many other features such as:

  • Deploying an ESXi Host;
  • Installing a vCenter Server;
  • Mounting Datastores using ISCSI Targets;
  • Enabling VM Encryption; and much more.

Complete the badge between Monday, August 6th, 2018 and Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 to win either a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit or one of two Amazon Echo Dots!

You’ve got to sign up to play at CloudCredibility.com
That’s the easy part! Establishing CloudCred takes serious work.

Complete the CloudCred tasks to earn the Home Lab – vSphere I Badge!

Complete the badge by August 29th, 2018 for a chance to win a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit or one of two Amazon Echo Dots!

Winners will be selected at random from all players completing the badge.

Everyone loves a good CloudCred challenge – especially one with great prizes, too! Head over to CloudCred and get started on the badge now!

Podcast Booth Available at VMworld 2018 in the VMTN Community Area

Our closed booth is back at our VMTN Community Area in VMvillage this year! With the booth, we hope to continue to lend a helping hand to podcasters, vloggers, and content creators who want to produce quality audio content in a quiet area. No need to worry about the background noise of thousands of people walking around the convention center while you’re trying to record.

These booths will have four walls and a ceiling to optimize audio within the booth. Time within these booths will be allocated in a first come first serve basis. To reserve a time please fill out the following form:


See you at VMworld US!


*There will be no AV tools provided. Please bring your own recording devices if necessary.

The Community Pulse – Top VMTN Content from July 2018

Welcome vCommunity to the Community Pulse – a monthly blog series that delivers the most high traffic content in the VMTN forums for your consumption. The VMTN forums are a learning tool unlike any other. Read through these threads to explore how other IT professionals are administrating, optimizing, and supporting their unique environments. We invite you to contribute your knowledge to these and all threads on VMTN!

What were the top VMTN conversations this July?

10 top viewed threads in July:

  1. 503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: in vCenter. Resolution in progress.
  2. ESXI 6.5 Free License ? in vSphere ESXi. Resolution in progress.
  3. VMware Workstation Pro 14 – Fails To Start Due To CPU Non-Support in Workstation. Resolution in progress.
  4. cant copy/paste from guest to host in Workstation. Resolution is in progress.
  5. vCSA 6.5 installation stuck at RPM installation in vCenter Server Appliance. Resolution is in progress.
  6. VMware Workstation and Hyper-V are not compatible. Remove the Hyper-V role from the system before running VMware Workstation in Workstation. Resolution is in progress.
  7. autostart VM from ESXI 6.5 web client in Virtual Machine, Guest OS and VM Tools. Resolution is in progress.
  8. failed to lock the file cannot open the disk in Workstation. Resolution is in progress.
  9. VMware Workstation 10: No internet on guest on NAT Settings in Workstation. Resolution is in progress.
  10. High Sierra and Fusion “stuck” keys in Fusion. Resolution is in progress.

Top 10 communities, based on thread and reply creation in July:

  1. ESXi
  2. Workstation Pro
  3. Technical Community Resources and Help
  4. VMware PowerCLI
  5. VMware vCenter
  6. VMware Fusion (for Mac)
  7. VMware vSphere
  8. vCenter Server
  9. VMware View
  10. vRealize Automation Tools


To get real time updates on content being created within the forums, you can:

  1. Subscribe to a communities RSS Feed. Feeds are available for each community on the right-hand side, in the Actions box.
  2. Opt in to “Follow” a community. This option is available on the right-hand side, parallel with the community name. Any community you choose to follow will appear in your “My Communities” list, accessible through the tap navigation. To receive email notifications around communities that you follow, confirm in your preferences that you have opted in to email.
  3. Bookmark a community thread to receive notifications on the progress. This is only available at thread level. It is on the right-hand side, under the Actions box.

Questions on the Community Pulse? Please reach out to the VMware Community Manager, at jenniferg@vmware.com