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Virtualized Mac OS X Leopard Server on VMware Fusion 2.0

Link: Virtual Leopard Server, Uncaged: Virtualized Mac OS X Leopard Server on VMware Fusion 2.0.


As you many of you may recall, at Macworld in January, we gave you a preview of Mac OS X Leopard Server installing and running as a virtual machine on Mac OS X

Well, in honor of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference,
currently in full-swing in San Francisco, the VMware Fusion team is
excited to announce that Mac OS X Leopard Server will be our 61st
supported virtualized operating system, and will be available in VMware
Fusion 2.0’s next beta (get the current beta here). 


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  1. Why only Server? I’ve seen a few people say that Client can’t be run in a VM due to the licence, but I’ve just been through the printed licence that came with my copy of Leopard Client and I can’t find anything forbidding it. Is the licensing argument true? If so, which clause does it violate?

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