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A cool use of the GuestOperationsManager functionality in vSphere 5 APIs

As the previous post mentioned, in vSphere 5, Guest Operations API functionality that was previously only available via the VIX API has been incorporated into the core vSphere SDKs.

For a cool demo of this functionality, check out William Lam's recent post on his VirtuallyGhetto blog!  William created a Perl-based command-line interface to most of the guest operations functionality.


VIX Guest Operations functionality in core vSphere 5 APIs

We've found that most people use the VIX API with vSphere for Guest Operations functionality — things like copying files in out of the guest, and running programs in the guest.

With the launch of vSphere 5, this functionality will now be available in the core vSphere APIs, via the GuestOperationsManager object and associated sub-managers.

The APIs incorporating this functionality will be:

Please try them out, and let us know how you like them on the VIX API discussion forum.


VIX API session at VMworld Developer Days 2010

The program
for VMworld
Developer Days
just got posted, and I’m very excited to be giving a
talk about the VIX API and Guest Operations. 
n addition to a technical deep dive on the VIX API
implementation of guest operations and best practice for using them, we’re
going to give forward-looking details about future directions of the APIs.  Here’s the session abstract:



Guest Operations using VMware VIX APIs and Beyond

Level: Advanced

Have you ever needed to
customize a VM – or 1000 VMs?  Deploy or update software in a Guest
Operating System?  Monitor processes in a VM?  Copy files to or from
a VM?  Guest Operations provide a programming interface for automating or
scripting interactions with the Guest Operating system of a running Virtual
Machine.  This presentation gives an in-depth view on how to use these
operations, covering both the VMware VIX API (www.vmware.com/go/vix) and also
the future API roadmap for extending availability of these operations as part
of the VSphere Web Services APIs.

Speaker: Matt LaMantia


Like last
year, the Technology Exchange is going to be part of VMworld, at the Moscone
Center in SF, August 30 through September 1. 
This year, Developer Days is going to be a 3-day event, which is all
about VMware expanding the content that’s by engineers and for engineers.  I’m also told that there will be chances to
get free software and other goodies, including an iPad give-away.

VIX API now available for vSphere 4.1

We're happy to announce that VMware VIX 1.10.1 is now publicly available.  The new version includes support for vSphere 4.1, Workstation 7.1, and Player 3.1. 

You can get it here.  Happy programming! 

vSphere 4.1 has shipped!

We're very excited about today's announcement of vSphere 4.1.  You can read more about it here.

As a reminder — there is currently a beta of the VIX API for vSphere 4.1, available, here.  Look for an announcement soon about the GA version of the VIX API for vSphere 4.1!

VMware VIX training video from ntpro.nl!

Thanks to Cody Bunch over at Professional VMware for posting this one.  In his post "Awesome VMware VIX Training," he writes,

No really, it is seriously awesome. Eric
from NTPRO.nl has
published a video
that runs you through a little utility he wrote called “vmFilemanager”,
then further shows you how to create such a utility using the free
edition of Visual Basic 2008.

Here's an embedded version of the training:

Redistibutable VIX API client libraries

Lately, we've seen a few questions about redistributing some VIX API code, so I'd like to take a minute to explain how this works.

We want you to be able to use the VIX API to build on VMware's platform, so the EULA does allow you to redistribute the client run-time libraries as part of your own applications.  (See the EULA for the exact terms.)

We recently updated the list of redistributable components to make sure it's complete.  The updated list is part of the VIX API Reference Guide.  

Here's the list of redistibutable code:

Redistributable Code and Sample Code

As noted in the End User License Agreement, the VIX API allows you to
build and distribute your own applications. To facilitate this, the
following files are designated as redistributable for the purpose of
that agreement:

  • VixAllProducts.lib and VixAllProductsd.lib
  • vix.lib and vix.dll
  • vixCOM.dll
  • gvmomi.dll
  • libvixAllProducts.so
  • libvix.so
  • libgvmomi.so.0

VIX API tech talk from VMware Partner Exchange is available online

Pablo has posted a video of the VIX API talk from VMware's Partner Exchange (last February in Las Vegas) online.

This is the tech talk that I gave to ISVs and Partners at the event.  It explains what Guest Operations are, and how to use VIX to automate them for VMs running in vSphere, VMware Server, VMware Workstation, or VMware Player.  We had to edit out a few minutes NDA-only product roadmap information, but all of the current technical information is available to you.

You can view the video on Vimeo, or in the embedded player below.

VMware Guest Console on VMware Labs

A new VIX-based app, VMware Guest Console, is now available on VMware Labs. It was developed using VIX.

This is a really cool Windows application, that lets you open multiple VMs simultaneously — then manage their processes, files, snapshots, and so on.  For example, you can open all of your Windows VMs, and copy a BAT file into all them, then run it simultaneously in all of the VMs.  Or, you could find all of the VMs with a specific process running in it, and kill that process.

You can download VMware Guest Console here

Here's a demo video:

Congrats to Ravi, Rahul, and Uttam on the public launch of this awesome app.  Of course, we're excited to have a really cool demo for the power of Guest Operations.