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Redistibutable VIX API client libraries

Lately, we've seen a few questions about redistributing some VIX API code, so I'd like to take a minute to explain how this works.

We want you to be able to use the VIX API to build on VMware's platform, so the EULA does allow you to redistribute the client run-time libraries as part of your own applications.  (See the EULA for the exact terms.)

We recently updated the list of redistributable components to make sure it's complete.  The updated list is part of the VIX API Reference Guide.  

Here's the list of redistibutable code:

Redistributable Code and Sample Code

As noted in the End User License Agreement, the VIX API allows you to
build and distribute your own applications. To facilitate this, the
following files are designated as redistributable for the purpose of
that agreement:

  • VixAllProducts.lib and VixAllProductsd.lib
  • vix.lib and vix.dll
  • vixCOM.dll
  • gvmomi.dll
  • libvixAllProducts.so
  • libvix.so
  • libgvmomi.so.0

One thought on “Redistibutable VIX API client libraries

  1. Christopher Painter

    I’ve read the reference but can’t figure out the procedure to install just the runtime portions of VIXCOM.dll on Windows. I have a clean VM where I copy the VIX directory and call regsvr32 on VIXCOM.dll but I get an error message saying that libraries can’t be found and VIX doesn’t appear to work. My application works if I install the entire VIX MSI package but that’s the full SDK not just the runtime redist dependencies for the COM server.
    Any thoughts?

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