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VMware Guest Console on VMware Labs

A new VIX-based app, VMware Guest Console, is now available on VMware Labs. It was developed using VIX.

This is a really cool Windows application, that lets you open multiple VMs simultaneously — then manage their processes, files, snapshots, and so on.  For example, you can open all of your Windows VMs, and copy a BAT file into all them, then run it simultaneously in all of the VMs.  Or, you could find all of the VMs with a specific process running in it, and kill that process.

You can download VMware Guest Console here

Here's a demo video:

Congrats to Ravi, Rahul, and Uttam on the public launch of this awesome app.  Of course, we're excited to have a really cool demo for the power of Guest Operations.

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  1. Thomas

    When does the update come 😉

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