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PowerWF: Build workflows that use VIX and more!

It's been a while so I thought I'd dust off the old VIX blog to talk about a new tool out there called PowerWF.

PowerWF has also posted quite a log of screencasts that can help you get a sense of the product. My brief description would be that PowerWF is a workflow builder based on Windows Workflow Foundation and specializing on workflow for virtual environments. The current version gives you more than 200 actions, including Windows Workflow Foundation (which gives you things like flow control for workflows), VIX (which gives you the ability to manage VMs as well as run programs within them), Secure Shell, and others. Here's a little taste of the VIX activities.


For some more info you might want to head over to Eric Sloof's blog or you can visit PowerWF directly. It seems PowerWF will also be adding support for PowerCLI within the next week or two, which should be pretty exciting for all you vSphere admins out there, so stay tuned.