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The Chaos (aka Macworld) Begins

Today was my first day in the VMware booth at MacWorld 2008. Man was it crowded! What a show so far with Jobs announcing 4 great new technologies (my Apple TV thanks you). What really peaked my interest was all of the people coming by and asking what made VMware Fusion so much better than Parallels for Mac. Ed Baig from USA Today even got me on film talking about this very subject. So here’s my personal (non corporate marketing) rundown on why I think we’re better than Parallels. For what it’s worth I used Parallels for a long time since VMware didn’t have anything on the Mac. I loaded up Fusion since I work for VMware and decided to give it a try. The points below are what got me to switch. Yeah, I know, you say I would have switched anyways since I work for the company. Not true. I’m a technologist and use what works better. Anyhow, here’s the list.

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