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VMworld 2012: Real Customers, Real Momentum (Thursday)

It’s the last day of VMworld 2012. The customer stories continue with Cardinal Health, Green Mountain Power Corporation, Northwestern University, Warner Bros, NYSE Technologies, and Boeing sharing their deployments of VMware products. However, I thought we could talk about one last company using VMware-based clouds – and that is VMware!

OneCloud is an internal private cloud built on vSphere and vCloud Director. It originally started as a way for VMware technical sales to demonstrate the capabilities of vCloud Director and other VMware solutions to customers. It now serves as the IaaS cloud for many departments within VMware including R&D, education, and corporate IT. VMware IT has also deployed vFabric Application Director internally to streamline application provisioning. They have seen a 90% improvement in workload provisioning time and significant opex savings while delivering a more scalable, more adaptive cloud environment for users within VMware.

It’s been an exhilarating (and exhausting!) week at VMworld 2012. The community has been amazing and hearing these customers explain their deployments of VMware products has been highly educational. Now it’s back to work and getting ready for VMworld Europe. See you in Barcelona!

VMworld 2012: Real Customers, Real Momentum (Wednesday)

Another day, another long list of customers presenting at VMworld today – including Medtronic, Boeing, American Express, Northrup Grumman, iLand, and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. For a change of pace, instead of providing an overview of all of them, I will go deeper into one particular customer’s use of VMware products.

FedEx – the global shipping and logistics company – has added almost 12,000 VMs to their global datacenter infrastructure in the last 18 months with a self-service delivery model built on vSphere and vCloud Director. Their environment consists of mostly Linux VMs running Java applications. FedEx originally adopted virtualization relying on custom-designed scripts for operations management. However, it was clear that this model could not scale well given their fast growth.  As their virtual environment grew (~700 VMs a month) they quickly outgrew their scripts; Applying single threaded scripts to thousands of VMs took several minutes. The team has now adopted vCenter Orchestrator to help streamline their end-to-end provisioning processes and are continuing their progress towards a fully automated private cloud.

Right here, right now, customers are deploying VMware-based clouds.


VMworld 2012: Real Customers, Real Momentum (Tuesday)

The first full day of VMworld 2012 is done, but the customer stories and successes continue today. As the theme goes…Right Here, Right Now.

Proven, Trusted Virtualization Platform

  • The City and County of San Francisco will discuss their use of vSphere and the path they are on to be 100% virtualized.
  • Apparatus will be sharing how they use vCenter Operations Management to transform their management of virtual/cloud infrastructure

Virtualizing Business Critical Apps on vSphere

  • Intuit, the maker of Quickbooks and Mint.com, will be sharing how they rolled out virtual firewalls using software-defined security solutions that are a part of newly announced vCloud Networking and Security.
  • Bluelock is back to demonstrate how they use PowerShell to deploy and automate their vCloud Director environment quickly and reliably.
  • Bull SAS, a VMware partner, will share the story of how they helped their customer virtualize their Oracle Weblogic environment on vSphere

Proven Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds

  • Deutsche Telekom and it’s subsidiary T-Systems, the newest vCloud Datacenter Services partner, will be sharing their public cloud service based on the VMware vSphere and vCloud Director products.
  • Symantec, NCR, Northwestern University, and Mentor Graphics are all speaking in a panel to share their VMware-based cloud stories and experiences, and best practices.

VMworld 2012: Real Customers, Real Momentum

Welcome to a weeklong special edition of Virtual Reality – live from VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, California. It’s going to be an amazing week for the VMware community with numerous opportunities to network, learn, and interact with each other. As the importance and attendance of VMworld has grown, we know (and expect) our competitors will try to grab the limelight as they have in the past. Despite suggestions of slowing down, there is no way to avoid one of the most amazing things about VMworld this year – the sheer number of customers who will be sharing their VMware success stories this week. Each day, I will highlight the customers who are here to talk about their virtualization and cloud successes using VMware products. They include Fortune 500, midsize and small companies, leading educational institutions, and government agencies, and all of the stories will come directly from the customers themselves. That is real momentum.

Monday Sessions


  • General Mills, one of the world’s largest food companies and owner of Pillsbury, Green Giant, Cheerios, and Betty Crocker brands, will be presenting their experiences virtualizing Microsoft Exchange 2010 on vSphere 5.
  • Indiana University, a leading research and teaching institution, will be sharing how they’ve been able to rapidly virtualize its enterprise-class Oracle database systems with VMware vSphere.


  • Autodesk and CSC have deployed vShield Endpoint in their datacenter, delivering agentless security with offloaded anti-virus and anti-malware processing.


  • Lufthansa, eMix, StarAlliance, Columbia Sportswear, eMeter (a Siemens business), and IPsoft will be part of a super panel that will share their cloud use cases and deployment outcomes. These VMware customers will also answer audience questions about their infrastructure must haves, security, provider selection, and results.
  • Symantec, DST Systems, and McKesson will be part of another panel sharing how they’ve successfully used vCloud Director to deliver complete and isolated infrastructure to software developers and testers in lab management environments.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration developed the federal government’s first secure hybrid community cloud based on VMware vSphere, vCloud Director and vShield. YOURcloud is based on the award-winning innovations in Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Infrastructure On-Demand (IoD) cloud platform.
  • Oxford University will be showcasing their real world vCloud DR solution built with SRM in conjunction with vSphere PowerCLI to automate the end-to-end recovery of a vCloud Director-based infrastructure.
  • Bluelock, a VMware vCloud Datacenter Services partner, will be sharing how they mapped an evolutionary path to a fully virtualized datacenter with VMware solutions.

And that’s just Monday! Stay tuned for what’s in store on Tuesday!

“One today is worth two tomorrows” – Benjamin Franklin

Amid all of the talk of Windows Server 2012 and the coming release of Hyper-V, it can get awfully confusing about what is actually here today and what is coming in the future. Well, let’s clear that up a bit.

SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE: General availability of Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V.

SOME TIME IN THE FURTHER FUTURE: A release of System Center 2012 that will support all of the new features in Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V.

TODAY: As part of the Cloud Computing World Forum being held in London this week, VMware vSphere 5 was selected Best Virtualization Solution in the 2012 Cloud Computing World Series. Like the many other awards won by vSphere over the years, this award helps validate vSphere as the market-leading, most proven and trusted virtualization platform available.

TODAY: Real customers are running vSphere 5 in production. For example:

TODAY: Real customers, representing various industries and company sizes, are running real private, public, and hybrid clouds on vSphere and vCloud Director.

Ducati Ducati Runs Their Private Cloud on VMware:
“Private cloud is already a reality in Ducati. Over our private cloud, we supply services to all our commercial subsidiaries. We supply services to our assembly plant in Thailand or to our racing team at racing venues. So private cloud is already a reality.” –Daniel Bellini, CIO, Ducati Motor Holding
  CharlesRiverLabs Charles River Labs Deploys a Business-Critical App in a VMware Hybrid Cloud:
“I see Cloud being key to our overall strategy moving forward. The days of us investing heavily all of our capital into building hardware and infrastructure are past now. With the options that are available now from cloud partners, they bring agility, flexibility and in some case cost savings as well, for using that model." –Steven Spiers, CTO, Charles River Labs
NDI National Democratic Institute Gains Application Reusability with a VMware Hybrid Cloud:
“VMware vCloud Director helps us better serve our users, including those in developing countries. We can configure virtual servers, point to URLs, and fire up applications within a matter of minutes. It’s less costly for us and less time-consuming, and because it’s a virtualized deployment, the hosting costs are also low.” — Chris Spence, Chief Technology Officer, National Democratic Institute
Oxford Oxford University Delivers DBaaS with a VMware Hybrid Cloud:
“Access to information is critical to maintain our position as the world’s top university and we needed a flexible, scalable infrastructure. After doing our own research, we decided a Hybrid Cloud as best suited to our requirements. The vCloud datacentre service combined with Colt’s pedigree in information delivery, was the natural choice for us.” –Dr. Stuart Lee, Director of IT, University of Oxford

For more stories on how customers are going to the cloud with VMware (today), visit Another VMware Cloud and the Public Cloud Diaries.

vSphere and vCloud Director are battle-tested solutions supporting some of the world’s most important and challenging workloads. As proven cloud solutions, the list of companies using VMware for the cloud continues to grow, making today a reality and tomorrow come a lot sooner.