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VMware Delivers on vCloud Suite and vSphere 5.1 and Further Raises the Bar for Virtualization and Private Cloud Innovations

Today is an exciting day for VMware and for all our customers. The new vCloud Suite 5.1 and vSphere 5.1 products announced just two weeks ago at VMworld are now available for download. With these new releases, VMware customers can build even more agile, efficient and reliable datacenters.

VMware vCloud Suite is the most comprehensive solution for the Software-Defined Datacenter. It extends the benefits of virtualization to other aspects of infrastructure such as storage, networking, security and availability. By abstracting and pooling the underlying hardware, vCloud Suite enables customers to better utilize their hardware resources, provision datacenter services on demand and manage their environments using policy-driven automation. Customers can thus respond faster to their business needs while delivering the highest service levels for their applications. vCloud Suite also simplifies purchasing by integrating VMware’s virtualization, cloud infrastructure and management portfolio into a single SKU, priced per CPU with no limits on provisioned virtual memory or virtual machines.

vSphere 5.1, the foundation of vCloud Suite, also comes with over 100 enhancements and new features to deliver the highest performance and availability for all applications. Every vSphere 5.1 edition now comes with much more capabilities and value. Key enhancements include more powerful VMs, features to avoid unplanned downtimes and robust networking capabilities. vSphere 5.1 supports VMs with up to 64 vCPUs, enhanced vMotion to enable live migration without any shared storage, new vSphere Data Protection powered by EMC Avamar, vSphere replication for cost-effective disaster recovery, vShield endpoint for efficient VM security and enhanced vSphere Distributed Switch for simplified deployment and management of virtual networks.

Customers across the board, SMBs or Enterprises, can start deploying these capabilities right away. If we take a look at competitive offerings, there are several promises made which are yet to be realized, keeping prospective users waiting. For example, to use most of the features of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, customers need System Center 2012 SP1, which is only in beta and several months away from release. Microsoft is making customers wait even longer for features that have been promised for over a year now.

Once again, VMware has extended its leadership in providing customers an agile, reliable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure. I encourage every customer to download vSphere 5.1, upgrade to vCloud Suite and take advantage of the new features and capabilities available to them. Customers can be assured that VMware engineers are already hard at work on, our next vSphere and vCloud releases to continue delivering the innovative solutions our customers need and expect from us.

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Chanda Dani

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Chanda Dani has been with VMware since May 2010. She has worked in various product marketing roles across the Software-Defined Datacenter product portfolio and currently does product marketing for VMware's cloud management products - vRealize Suite, vCloud Suite and vRealize product lines. Follow her on twitter: @chanda_dani