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VMworld 2012: Real Customers, Real Momentum (Thursday)

It’s the last day of VMworld 2012. The customer stories continue with Cardinal Health, Green Mountain Power Corporation, Northwestern University, Warner Bros, NYSE Technologies, and Boeing sharing their deployments of VMware products. However, I thought we could talk about one last company using VMware-based clouds – and that is VMware!

OneCloud is an internal private cloud built on vSphere and vCloud Director. It originally started as a way for VMware technical sales to demonstrate the capabilities of vCloud Director and other VMware solutions to customers. It now serves as the IaaS cloud for many departments within VMware including R&D, education, and corporate IT. VMware IT has also deployed vFabric Application Director internally to streamline application provisioning. They have seen a 90% improvement in workload provisioning time and significant opex savings while delivering a more scalable, more adaptive cloud environment for users within VMware.

It’s been an exhilarating (and exhausting!) week at VMworld 2012. The community has been amazing and hearing these customers explain their deployments of VMware products has been highly educational. Now it’s back to work and getting ready for VMworld Europe. See you in Barcelona!