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The Monday Morning Mashup: Getting Beyond “Hyper-V because It’s Free”, “Fed-Up VMware Fires Back”

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Getting Beyond “Hyper-V because It’s Free!”

Microsoft’s #1 message for why customers should evaluate Hyper-V is “it’s free” or “it’s much cheaper than VMware.” When asked, I’ve always encouraged customers to examine the facts for themselves based on their specific business needs and figure out what the real overall cost will be for that specific customer at the end of the day.

Therefore, it was very refreshing to see someone else go beyond Microsoft’s superficial “It’s Free!” slogan. TechTarget recently published a 4-part series on comparing the cost of VMware vs. Microsoft. While TechTarget calls out some areas of concern about VMware's pricing and costs, it’s also abundantly clear from their analysis that Microsoft’s virtualization and cloud offering is not free. Take a look at their analysis for yourself.

Ultimately, customers need to look at a more holistic, total picture of cost, beyond the upfront virtualization license acquisition cost, and factor in other important cost components, such as management license costs, support costs, operational costs, and impact from virtual machine density differences.

p.s. TechTarget is running several readers poll as part of their series. As of Monday morning, it’s nice to see VMware well ahead in several of the results.

Best_value_hypervisor Better_private_cloud

CRN article: “Fed-Up VMware Fires Back At Microsoft's Virtualization Trash Talk"

CRN noticed the new “Get the Facts” webpage and wrote an article on it. If you haven’t seen it yet, “Get the Facts” is a new resource for VMware champions and customers to hear from VMware about competitive claims. Check it out when you get a chance: http://www.vmware.com/getthefacts

p.s. And speaking of being fed-up, here is one user’s experience working with Hyper-V Server 2012 RC… “Standalone Hyper-V is too painful to use


3 thoughts on “The Monday Morning Mashup: Getting Beyond “Hyper-V because It’s Free”, “Fed-Up VMware Fires Back”

  1. Pete

    VMware needs Microsoft (what % of virtualized VMs run Windows?)… but Microsoft doesn’t need VMware. Interesting time for VMware.

  2. CBSA

    Superb, Mostly wanted to write and mention that I admired this information. I’ll be bookmarking your web-site and returning to see if you post any additional ones. Thanks again!

  3. Rob

    “p.s. And speaking of being fed-up, here is one INEXPERIENCED” user’s experience working with Hyper-V Server 2012 RC (A RELEASE CANDIDATE PRODUCT)”
    Give me a break. Not a great highlight here. It is like saying because I know Wordpad, I should instantly be an expert in Microsoft Word when installing it for the first time (Yes I just called ESXi the Wordpad of hypervisors). Hyper-V Server is just different, and of course experienced ESXi users are going to struggle with a transition to it and by the sounds of it have preconceived biases. With most of the hypervisor market share in VMware’s favor is only natural that there is resistance Hyper-V in general. The fact is, moving out of your comfort zone to a new product means the product needs to be something stellar. I don’t think the free Hyper-V Server’s setup routine is quite there yet. When you get comfortable with Hyper-V Server as a whole however, it can be a be a very low cost solution with all the advanced features.

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